Natural cures for kidney stones

A stiff mineral substance formed within the urinary tract is called a kidney stone. They are hard stones that are formed either in one or in both the kidneys. These stones result in passing blood with urine accompanied by harsh pain in the stomach. Sometimes, renal calculi are also referred as the kidney stones.

There are a number of natural cures to kidney stones:

French beans: Dried French beans, also called Kidney beans, is considered a very effective home remedy for kidney stones. These beans are inclusive of a diuretic that raises urine volume and leads to the dissolution of the stone. After removing the seeds from the pods, we have to boil 500 gms of pods for an hour. After that, the mixture needs to be strained and the filterate should be used for treating urinary stones. Besides its use as food, French beans, especially the pods of the beans are used for healing purposes like gout or stones in the kidney.

Basil: Basil leaf is the queen of herbs and is taken to be holy. Besides having a place in sacred rituals, basil is gifted with many a benefits. It has intensification effect on kidneys. 1 tsp of basil juice along with a tsp of honey needs to be taken daily on a regular basis for six months in treating kidney stones. It has been proved that stones can be expelled from the urinary tract with the help of this treatment.

Chanca Piedrra: It is a small, erect, annual herb that grows around 40 cm in height. The Spanish name “Chanca Piedrra” means “stone breaker” was named for its effective use in removal of gall stones and kidney stones. Chanca piedrra has proven to be potent antispasmodic. It prevents muscle spasms as well as facilitates the expulsion of kidney stones by helping in relaxing the smooth muscle tissue in the ureter and bladder walls.

Celery: Celery has large amounts of potassium and organic sodium that help to relieve the body of the waste material by stimulating various locations of the body like skin, bowels and kidneys. It is very potent in case of kidney stones and chronic kidney diseases. Also regular intake of celery prevents future stone formation.

Apple: Apples are extremely useful in kidney stones. Apples are good for those who are prone to have kidney stones. Eating two to three apples a day helps in dissolving the kidney stones. Apple juice contains oxalates, which are deadly for stone formation. However, ripe fruit is more valuable.

Watermelon: This fruit consists of the highest concentrate of water amongst other fruits and has potassium salts. If one cannot find fresh watermelon, 1 tbsp of watermelon seeds after crushed should be placed in a vessel having 400 ml of water and boil till reduced by half. 1 tbsp of honey and one lemon should be added in the luke warm water and drunk. This procedure is to be followed three times a day.