8 Natural Cures For Migraines


8 Natural Cure To Migraines

Migraine is a very painful type of headache. It keeps on recurring and debilitates the sufferer so much so that one dreads getting it again. It may be triggered by something or may come without any obvious reason. Strong smells, noises or excessive lights could cause migraines in some people.

Some people can feel migraine aura before it approaches them, they are the lucky ones because they can take remedial measures beforehand and get saved from a full blown attack. There are many remedies which are there to alleviate the symptoms of migraine, but you have to see for yourself which ones are effective in your case. You may find that a combination of a few remedies works well for you.

8 Effective Natural Remedies For Migraine

Cool And Hot Therapy

Hot Therapy For Migraines

This is a very good therapy where in you do cold and warm water therapy on yourself to regulate the blood flow in a particular way. Put your feet in a tub of warm water and put a towel soaked in chilled water on your neck. This works by easing the blood supply in brain.


The studies have shown that those who do regular exercises can prevent the onset of migraine. It has been proven that the exercises reduce stress and the need to be dependent on medicines. Stress and tension cause most migraines. Exercises trigger endorphins which are well known mild sedatives.

Exercise For Migraines

Exercises that are recommended for migraines are gentle exercises and not the vigorous ones. Vigorous exercises can in fact do the reverse, they can bring about a migraine. Yoga has an edge here because many yoga postures have a therapeutic effect for migraines.

Retreat For Migraines

Get into a dark room, relax there till the symptoms subside. This relaxes the sufferer a bit and avoids any further increase in pain.

Retreat For Migraines

Eat Frequently

Dip in the sugar levels due to no food intake for some time may trigger a migraine. Eat regularly, so that you are not starved even for a while to eliminate the chances of occurrence of migraines.

When you are hungry, the blood sugar level goes down triggering the increase in the level of insulin. Increased insulin brings about certain changes in the brain which may cause migraines.

Eat Frequently For Migraines

Drink Water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Drink plenty of water every day. Do not think that beverages or alcoholic drinks will compensate for water. They will do the contrary, they will need more water to flush the toxins out, leaving the body dehydrated.

Drink Water For Migraines

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Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is useful as a sedative and as a relaxing agent. It works well for migraines too.You can make its tea and drink it when you have an attack of migraine.

Chamomile Tea For Migraines

Use Acupressure

There is a soft tissue between your thumb and the index finger. Pressing it just where the bone of the thumb meets that of the index finger may alleviate your pain.

Acupressure For Migraines

Ice Therapy

Put some ice in a poly bag and wrap the bag with a towel. Use this to put it on your eyes. The cooling feeling will give you some relief form migraine.

Ice Therapy For Migraines