Natural Cures For The Signs & Symptoms Of Advanced HPV


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is incurable, though there are remedies and natural cures to let you live a healthy and long life, even with the virus. And in most cases, the infection does not stay for over a year. So if you have HPV and related Genital warts, it’s not end of the road. In fact, genital HPV infection is very common.

Almost over 7 million cases of Genital HPV are reported each year.  HPV affected individuals are mostly women and the treatment of such symptoms and signs of HPV is mainly focused on them. There are more than a hundred types/ strains of HPV viruses, each having its own signs and symptoms, and these are mostly classified according to the risk involved in them developing into cancer (Low risk, high-risk etc.)

HPV may cause different types of warts (common, plantar, genital, flat warts etc.). It may also cause changes in anus, penis, vulva or cervix. Ultimately, the high-risk ones may lead to cervical cancer.

Some Misjudged Points:

HPV mainly attacks the mucous membranes and the skin of an individual. HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is not the same as genital warts, though they share some similarities. Genital warts are normally low risk HPV strains, however, high-risk HPV strains, such as Dysplasia diagnosis, have much greater chances of turning into cancer. More than 30 types of HPV are transmitted in the course of sexual contact. The delay, between the exposure and the emergence of warts, or other infections, may vary from months to years.

An estimated 50% of women get infected through any one of the HPV viruses in their adulthood, at some point.It is seen that the level of lycopene, in a woman’s blood, suggests how quick her body’s going to kick out the body’s HPV. Higher level of lycopene-blooded women tend to remove HPV at around 8 and a half moths time approximately, whereas the low level lycopene-blooded women tend to do the same at about a year or a moth less.

Identification Of HPV:

HPV, unlike genital warts, has no outside symptoms. If a woman is having HPV, it can only be detected by a routine pap smear. Allopathic and traditional treatments are often hostile on the individual’s body. Surgery or laser treatment is done by destroying and removing the infected cells. It is mostly not desirable, and is not opted for until no option is left to explore.

Genital warts generally appear as pink colored, soft, moist swellings, mainly on the genital regions like on the cervix, in and/or around vagina or anus, on the vulva, etc.

Diets And Healthy Routines:

It is often recommended that one should not try any therapy on the HPV, as not all alternative therapies are safe, or effective. One should rather let the HPV be, and continue regular checkups and regular tests. But if treatment is what you desire, be sure to consult with your doctor and reliable sources, as cervical dysplasia has the chances to turn towards cancer.

With the information in hand that HPV is often kicked out by the body within a year or so, one should focus on building up and following a healthy diet with a regular exercise routine to build one’s immune system stronger. Proper sleep, along with water intake, and sometimes stress management helps.

Try and build up the Lycopene in your body, by feasting on edibles like Watermelon, Tomato (and it’s by products), Papaya, pink guava, pink grapefruit, etc. Also try building up your body’s Vitamin content, especially vitamin E, C and Folic acids.Avoid processed foods and go for fresh food, specially the green leafy ones.


If one’s having abnormal cell growth on their genital parts, they a re advised to go to their health care provider. Most probably they might go for Cryosurgery, Removing tissue with the help of hot wire loop, removing the tissue with laser treatment, etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the best natural homemade remedies to bring down the scars and warts brought up by the HPV. Though HPV will hurt a lot when applied on the warts and infections, it works in removing the warts and infections. If you don’t find ACV around where you live, you may make it on your own.  Dosage may differ, but you may sip on this: 2 teaspoons of ACV with 16 ounces of water.

Avoid rancid oils and try limiting, if not barring, consumption of Alcohol, peanuts, junk foods, etc. Avoid active, and if possible, passive smoking. Start enjoying the green leafy vegetables like Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, carrots, plums, etc.

Use Vitamin E oil on the infected skin, also put some crushed garlic over it and cover it with a tape. Reapply after each shower or, change it regularly. The warts should fall off in a week or so. The application of Vitamin E oil may also prevent the infection from spreading.

Try and add vegetable juice, rich in cilantro and parsley, in your diet routine.


Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it’s something incurable like HPV.

Total restraint of sexual intercourse is suggested, but it is also unrealistic for an adult. So other means of prevention should be followed.

When young, i.e. individuals in the age line of 9-25, they can take HPV vaccine, which reduces the chances of infection. However, during Pregnancy, it is not recommended and should be avoided.

Though it is unclear how much protection condoms give from HPV viruses, but the use of latex condoms should not be taken lightly. It definitely is safer than unprotected intercourse.

Try and be monogamous, or limit the number of sexual partners you have sex with.

Be sure to cover the infected area while having intercourse. A female condom is highly recommended as it covers a much larger area.

Keep your genitals clean and dry. Before indulging in intercourse, be sure to get yourself and your partner checked.

Try and live a healthy lifestyle and be true to your partner. Monogamy is highly recommended for the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections. The signs and symptoms of HPV are curable, but if the same goes on to higher levels, it may cause cancer.