7 Natural Diarrhea Remedies At Home


7 Remedies For Diarrhea

Diarrhea, also known as loose motion, is a type of intestinal disorder. When a person suffers from continuous watery discharge of stools, the situation is said to be ‘diarrhea’.  Because of this disorder, the sufferer gets weaker due to dryness in the body.

In the worst scenario, diarrhea can cause even death. It is a fact that this is the commonest disease and almost everyone is aware about the basic way to treat the problem. If the situation is not too dangerous, then it is better to rely on the natural diarrhea remedies at the beginning. If the problem persists even after trying out some natural remedies, then it is essential to rush for the doctor immediately.

Common Causes Of Diarrhea

Before getting into the details of some effective natural diarrhea remedies, here is a brief outlook on the causes of the problem. Eating wrong foods or overeating may cause this problem. Apart from that, usage of antibiotic medicine, nervous irritability or massive consumption of laxative may also cause diarrhea. Another scenario would be entrance of bacteria, virus, and germs in the body through air, food or water. The reason why these causes are discussed is the importance to spread awareness so that people can try to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Overeating Causes Of Diarrhea

Now you know the common causes; it is time to learn about the common and easy remedies to treat the disorder. Here are some effective natural diarrhea remedies:

Stop Consuming Milk And Dairy Products

If you are suffering from the symptoms of diarrhea then it is essential that you immediately stop the consumption of milk or milk related products. Consuming such food items can worsen the situation further and all medical experts unanimously agree to this aspect.


Indulge Into Rehydration Process

Salt Water For Diarrhea

Diarrhea makes a person weak because it causes dryness in the body, which results in the dehydration. Therefore, you should take adequate measures to bring back the natural fluid content in the body and for that you must work out for rehydration remedies. It is very easy as you can take one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt and mix it in a glass of water. Consume this liquid and it will work wonders to replenish the electro hydrate and glucose content in your body.


The Impact of Wheatgrass Powder and Water

If you are dealing with the problem of diarrhea and also stomach cramps then wheatgrass powder can work wonders. You will get wheatgrass powder in any health store. Purchase the powder and mix it with a lot of water. Drink the solution and then drink some plain water. You will get instant relief.

Wheatgrass Powder For Diarrhea

Combination of Water, Cornstarch And Lime Juice

Take a glass of fresh water and mix the juice of two to three limes in it. Add some three teaspoons of cornstarch in the solution and mix it properly. You can add some sugar for taste and drink the solution.

Lime Juice For Diarrhea


Herbal Remedies For Diarrhea
Grandma’s Natural Cure For Diarrhea

Combination of Rice With Salt And Ginger Paste

This combination is really effective to fight the disorder of diarrhea. You need half cup of rice, half spoon of ginger paste, half cup of pomegranate juice, four cups of water and some salt. Now you have to cook the rice with the mentioned proportion of ginger paste, salt and water. When the mixture of the ingredients is warm you have to add pomegranate juice. The mixture is not only effective to bring back the much needed rehydration of the body, but it is also effective to provide energy. Consuming the mixture results in controlling abnormal bowel movements and also provides soothing to the inflamed wall.

Ginger For Diarrhea

Usage of Blackberry Leaves

The leaves of blackberry include pectin, which is effective for the treatment of diarrhea. Take some blackberry leaves, preferably two or three. Wash the leaves properly and place them in a cup full of water. Now place the cup in a microwave for about five minutes. Now, let it steep for five minutes and drink. You can also put boiling water on the leaves and allow steep for some ten minutes before you take it for remedial action. Usage of blackberry leaves will provide you the much needed relief.

Blackberry Leaves For Diarrhea


Oregon Grape Roots and Goldenseal- Good Herbal Remedy For Diarrhea

Usage of goldenseal and Oregon grape roots provide good help in the treatment of the disorder. These herbs include an antimicrobial element called berberine that works effectively against alkaloids and various food borne bacteria. These herbs boost the immune system and thus people can fight against the syndromes of viral diarrhea. Several people consume these herbs in the form of tincture or tea, while numerous health experts also recommend the usage of the herbs to deal with diarrhea disorders. Goldenseal and Oregon grape roots are reliable natural diarrhea remedies.

Goldenseal For Diarrhea

Effectiveness of Carrot Soup

Carrot is a common ingredient in almost every kitchen. You will be happy that such a common ingredient of kitchen can come as a good help to deal with diarrhea problems. You have to make juice of some carrots and drink it to get relief. The juice supplies water and helps in gaining natural rehydration of the body. In addition to that, it also refills magnesium, calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, sodium and potassium in the body. The inflammation caused because of the disorder gets relieved as carrot juice supplies pectin, which provides a coating to the intestine to calm irritation.

How to consume this carrot juice to get relief? Take some 500 grams of carrot and place it in a container of 150 ml. water. Boil the carrot till it becomes soft. Now strain the water and put it in another container. Add some water into it so that the entire liquid amounts to one liter. Add some salt and consume it in small amounts at regular intervals.

Many people depend on medication during the problem of diarrhea. It may be effective, but some medicines may also cause side effects. Therefore, it is better to rely on the home remedies based on natural ingredients so that you can cure the problem in a safe and secured manner.

Carrot Soup For Diarrhea