3 Natural Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar

3 Natural Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is the primary fuel that empowers the body and our body needs to maintain the level of blood sugar within a narrow range else there arises the problem. When the level of sugar in the blood is too low, it is the brain that is affected first because of the deficiency. Besides the brain, the level of energy in all the tissues of the body becomes totally less, which leads to the feeling of fatigue and tiredness of the concerned individual even with little performance of work.

On the contrary, when there is a high level of blood sugar, it causes damages in the arteries of the body. This damage, if continued for a long period of time can cause strokes as well as heart diseases. Hence, it is always vital for any individual to maintain the level of blood sugar to the normal state.

The level of blood sugar can be effectively controlled with the consumption of proper nutrition as well as regular exercise. Food plays a key role in the proper balance of the sugar levels. There are even some foods that can help in the lowering of blood sugar.

Avoiding sugar

Avoiding Sugar To Reduce Blood Sugar

Firstly, the total avoidance of all foods that contain refined carbohydrates and sugar is necessary in order to check the level of blood sugar. If this can be done, in that situation, the liver can slowly but steadily regain the full control of blood sugar, and it might take even months and hence there are chances that the symptoms might still exist. Hence, it is necessary to change the diet and intake proper food.


Nuts are rich in good fats and are known to reduce the lower the resistance of insulin in the body. Therefore, with the consumption of nuts, the cells of the body will be more sensitive to insulin and successfully lower the blood sugar level of the body.

Nuts To Reduce Blood Sugar

Sweet potatoes

This vegetable is much lower glycemic index than the regular potatoes that we intake. The sweet potatoes have high content of fiber as well as powerful antioxidants like cartenoids that have encouraging effect on the insulin along with chloregenic acid that successfully fights insulin resistance.

Sweet Potatoes To Reduce Blood Sugar

Natural Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar