Natural Hair fall Remedies

Hair fall is a very common phenomenon in everybody’s life. Hair is totally made of dead keratin cells, which continuously grow and shed, but if the shedding outweighs the growth then it becomes a matter of concern. The overall appearance and personality of an individual depends a great deal on the healthy and lustrous mane.

Severe hair fall mars natural beauty and is enough to lower the self esteem of an individual; be it men or women.

The growth of keratin cells is totally dependent on the nutrition and blood circulation in the hair follicles scattered in large numbers through out the scalp. New cells grow from the root of the hair follicles increasing the length of the hair. These dead cells require sufficient hydration and nourishment to maintain the sheen and beauty of the crowning glory.


Losing 80-100 strands of hair daily is quite natural exceeding the number may require extra care and nourishment. Falling of hair in strangles during bathing or combing throughout the day is indicative of hair fall.


Hair fall is mainly accompanied by nutritional deficiency, prolonged suffering from a disease, certain medications, in digestion problems and of course heredity, which often leads to alopecia in men.

Natural Hair Fall Remedies:

Trying out the following natural hair fall remedies will guide you to prevent hair fall as well as promote the growth of hair.

Massage your scalp regularly with coconut oil or almond oil. Massaging improves the blood circulation around the hair follicles reducing hair fall to a great extent. This is one of the effective natural hair fall remedies.

Application of coconut milk also gives wondrous results in treating hair fall. The hair should be kept for thirty minutes after applying coconut milk before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo.

Ensure that your diet contains enough leafy vegetables rich in folic acid and iron. Include red meat, eggs, Soya beans, milk and dairy products in your diet to reduce hair fall.

Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that supply amino acids in the scalp essential for hair growth. Take sufficient amount of fish to promote the growth of hair.

Another popular natural remedy of hair fall is massaging of the scalp with a mixture of egg yolk and honey. Allow the mixture to dry for half an hour before washing it off.

Massaging a mixture of henna leaves boiled in a cup of mustard oil is one of the useful natural hair fall remedies. You can filter the mixture and store it in a bottle for regular use.