Natural Healing Treatments for Dandruff

You need to modify your daily diet intake if you are really willing to cure all your hair diseases. Unhealthy food items are one of the most common causes of dandruff. Do not eat too much of dairy products like cheese butter etc. Avoid eating fatty and sea food. As a replacement you can have vegetables and fruits. But Intake of banana is prohibited during this treatment. One should also avoid citrus fruits.

Our body requires good amount of nutrients and vitamins but for treating dandruff related problems you should avoid the intake of food that is rich in Vitamin C. Some of the items that are rich in this nutrient are tamarind, lemon, tomato and oranges.

Metal anxiety is a common cause of dandruff so remain stress free. Do not over exert your mind. This precaution would cure most of your problems. Some breathing exercises are said to be one of the most effective stress busters. So you can learn them and try to perform daily.

Don’t remain oil free always. Give a gentle massage to your head and heal your dandruff yourself. Coconut, almond and olive oils are recommended for better results. Take some amount of almond and olive oil and apply the mixture on the hair and keep it over so that it can rinse inside properly. Then use a herbal shampoo to wash it off.