Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment During Pregnancy

The enlarged veins that are found in the anus and the rectum are called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid is an ailment that most people have heard of and there are a lot of individuals who have actually experienced this widespread as well as discomforting ailment.

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles are mostly the distended veins of the anal and rectal area. These irritated veins can cause huge amount of pain and discomfort that also includes itching and bleeding when the sufferer is sitting of having a bowel movement. Women have a high risk of hemorrhoids while she is pregnant as it is during this time that the blood pressure of the women tends to increase and there is excess amount of flow of blood through the veins.

Although women can get affected by the ailment anytime at the time of pregnancy, studies indicate that women who had already suffered from this ailment before getting pregnant tend to have high chances at the time of pregnancy. Hemorrhoids can also take place due to immense straining at the time of child birth.

However there are a number of natural ways to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

Diet: One needs to be extra careful while choosing food intake particularly if she is pregnant and is suffering from hemorrhoids. Intakes of fruits are a must during this time as fruits have high content of fiber. Besides fruits, one should make sure that the whole grains and vegetables are also included in the daily diet. This kind of high fiber food helps to relieve constipation and also prevents excess straining.

Hot baths: Hot baths are highly recommended for the combating of hemorrhoids at the time of pregnancy. If one is uncomfortable with hot baths, sitting in warm water can also help in the prevention of the occurrence of the ailment.

Cold water bath: Some women find that bathing in cold water gives them relief from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. If this is the case, then the women should go ahead and take bath in cold water.

Clean anus: the anus should be cleaned properly in order to prevent hemorrhoids.