Natural Herbal Cure for Hair Problems: Jaborandi

Jaborandi has a long history of being used in Brazilian as well as Mexican traditional folk medicine. They used to make herbal tea with it and used it in treating different problems such as rheumatism, pleurisy, flu, preventing baldness, stimulation of urinary flow etc. The oil extracted from jaborandi leaves are nowadays used in different diseases externally.

The alkaloid, named pilocarpine is found in the jaborandi oil which is used in the treatment of dangerous blinding disease glaucoma. Today it is used mainly to manufacture pilocarpine and in homeopathic medicine.

There is a traditional belief that jaborandi can prevent baldness. Depending on this belief jaborandi is a widely used ingredient used in shampoo, hair conditioner and other hair products. Jaborandi stimulates hair growth. Make a tea with jaborandi leaf and massage it on your scalp for the growth of hair.

Jaborandi extract is very cold when you feel it. It keeps our head cool when mixed with oil and applied on it. But the raw and pure extracts of jaborandi should not be used alone as you may catch a cold. So mix pure jaborandi extracts with other oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil in 1: 10 ratio before using it. Massage it well on your scalp and to get a better result leave it overnight.

This massage helps you in various ways. If you are suffering from premature graying of hair, the problem will be solved. It may not make your gray hair black but it will slow down the graying process. People suffering from this disease may use jaborandi regularly to get the benefit. People suffering from insomnia may also use this oil before going to bed. The blood circulation due to massage and the coolbbrings deep sleep. It does wonder to cure other hair related disease too such as hair falling and dandruff.

Apart from hair care it is beneficial for the treatment of glaucoma. In the initial stages of glaucoma he may use the alkaline found in jaborandi oil for relief. Just dab few drops of jaborandi extract on the eyes of glaucoma affected person. It helps in the movement of optic muscles in the eye which are responsible for the contraction of the pupil.

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