Natural Herbs for the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. Some are unaware of it and think that they are introverts and in some way it is true. However in a much greater degree the condition is real and can hamper the quality of ones life. While some opt to look at medication to help them out; others live with the fear all their lives. It is best to try medication in conjunction with alternative remedies to control this disorder. Most of the herbs that you use will help you to relax your senses by creating a sense of calm and enhancing your central nervous system.

Passion flower is one such natural remedy that helps to control the anxiety. It helps to enhance the functioning of the Central Nervous system and acts as a sedative. It helps to improve ones mood and enhances the quality of interactions when in a crowd or social gathering. The Valerian root works the same way. It helps to relieve stress and tension and enhances reflexes in order to control stress.

Winter cherry is another herb hat is used in the cure of Social Anxiety disorder. In this case the herb can treat any mild panic attacks that the person may suffer from. It also helps to reduce stress levels drastically.

If your disorder is mixed with emotional disturbances then you can use the herb Rhodiola Rosea. This herb eases fatigue and stress and helps your body to fight the effects of stress and reduce the risk of a panic attack.

Green tea extracts are also popular for their effects on being able to cure and calm down a person’s emotions.

Vitamin B is also known to be able to improve the healthy functioning of your body. Research states that it is able to improve your emotional stability and prevent your muscles from getting tense when in a situation where you feel you are unable to handle stress. It is easy to increase the amount of Vitamin B you consume on a daily basis. If you are not able to get it through food then you can try taking them in the form of dietary supplements.

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