Natural Home Remedies and Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss

Several factors contribute to hair loss. Genetics, heredity, stress, thyroid dysfunction, unhealthy diets, inadequate sleep and vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss. You will find a variety of hair care products like lotions and oils that promise to restore your hair growth but they are expensive and they may not always give you the results that you desire.

If you are struggling with hair loss I recommend that you try out a few home remedies before you go out to buy any expensive products; you may regret wasting your money on these products within a few days.

In order to restore your hair growth and prevent loss of hair you need to analyze your diet. You will notice a positive change if you make the necessary changes in your diet. A healthy diet comprises of a healthy serving of vitamins and minerals along with iron and calcium. Incorporating foods like oatmeal and seaweed as well as cherries is beneficial to the growth of your hair. Leafy vegetables and meats are important to your diet but you must trim the fat on the meats that you consume. You must also include a healthy serving of vitamin C and E in your diet.

You can get these from the foods that you eat. Orange and yellow fruits are a great source of vitamin C and fruits like avocado and olive oil give you a healthy serving of vitamin E. If you are unable to get the required amounts of these vitamins in your diet you can get them through supplements. Avoid consuming vitamin A in high volumes as it is directly linked to hair loss.

Herbs are a great help in the case of hair loss. Saw palmetto is an herb that is used to control hair loss. You may use products that contain the herb or add a few drops of the herb to your hair when you take a shower. All you need to do is massage the herb onto your scalp and let it stay for a few minutes. Wash it off with warm water. You must avoid consuming this herb if you are taking oral contraceptives as it may have adverse effects on your body.

In order to prevent hair fall you need to keep your scalp clean and well conditioned. Aloe Vera gel is the best conditioner that you can offer your scalp. Use the gel extract directly on your scalp in order to condition it.

Regular hair massages will strengthen your hair follicles from the roots and this will prevent hair loss.