Natural Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Cholera

Cholera is bacterial infection of the small intestine that causes watery diarrhoea if untreated can lead to fatal dehydration.

The first natural remedy for the treatment of cholera can be the use of CELERY – leaf infusion: Take a handful of celery leaves and grind them for paste. Boil that paste in one litre of water till it reduces to half. Give a spoonful of this cooled decoction every 15-20 min, till the patient stool begins to thicken. However once that happens, stop that treatment. Another natural remedy can be use of CLOVES – water decoction: grind half a tablespoon of cloves. Boil it in a two litres of water till it reduces to half. Filter, cool and take this 4-5 times a day.

Another one of the best remedy can be by making a juice of cucumber leaves  for about one glass . Then, add a glassful of coconut water. Give this dosage of 30-60ml to the patient. Another best remedy can be done by preparing a special solution that is very beneficial in replacing the fluid in the body which can be made by taking one litre of boiled water and 4 teaspoons of sugar and with half teaspoon of salt. This will help in curing cholera.