4 Natural Home Remedies For Sneezing


4 Home Remedies For Sneezing

Sneezing helps us to remove the irritants from our body. Through sneezing we clear the passage blocked by these irritants. Though it is not at all painful, continuous sneezing may be annoying. Nonstop sneezing is not only annoying, it also creates sores and irritation on the skin near the nose.

Causes of sneezing may be many. Some people have dust allergy. They start to sneeze when they come in contact of dust mites, pollen, etc. Some people sneeze because of common cold or runny nose. Whatever may be the reason of sneezing, it should be countered immediately. Otherwise, it can cause lots of uneasiness. Some precautions and natural home remedies are very effective in treating sneezing.

Beneficial Home Remedies For Sneezing


The first step is to remove the causes of sneezing. Keep your home clean and dust free as much as possible. Clean your carpets, rugs and mattresses regularly. Change bed sheet, bed cover and pillow cover at least once a weak. Stay away from your furry pet as much as possible. This way you can tackle sneezing that is caused by dust allergy.

If sneezing is due to common cold then nature has already stacked the medicines in your kitchen. Lemon perhaps has no competitor in treatment of common cold and sneezing.

Vitamin C, that is present in lemon juice, increases immunity power of the body and flush out toxins. In the morning, in an empty stomach, drink a cup of warm water mixed with juice of one whole lemon. You may add a teaspoon of honey to this drink. Drink this special medicine daily to get the benefit.


Garlic is another natural object that contains antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. Garlic oil helps to clear the respiratory passages. Garlic oil, in combination with onion juice and warm water, cures common cold and excessive sneezing. Add garlic and black pepper in your soup. Both are effective in curing common cold.


Ginger tea is also quite effective in curing continuous sneezing. You can chew raw ginger together with sugar candy. It helps to clear the throat. Ginger and honey combination is an effective medicine to stop sneezing. Boil a piece of ginger in water. Strain and preserve the water. Add honey to it and drink to stop sneezing. Add a bit of honey to fresh basil leaves and chew it. It can help in sneezing problem too.