Natural Remedies For A Sprained Ankle

One minute you are walking fine, and for a split second your world goes dark and you slump to the ground in pain. When you come to your senses you realise the source of your pain is in fact your ankle, which you have somehow managed to sprain. Oh what agony a sprained ankle is, especially the first time it happens. Don’t you feel drained of all energy, and just want to clutch your ankle to your heart and wish for death.

A tad melodramatic you might say for a simple sprained ankle, but for those of us who have recently gone through it, it is exactly what you feel. The pain of course stays for at least a week, while most of us strap our leg in a crape bandage and hobble around doing our chores. However, the next time you suffer an ankle sprain try these tips and home remedies for faster and quicker relief.

To begin with rest is a must. The more you rest the quicker your ankle shall heal. Putting your 50-odd kg weight on your poor ankle will only worsens its state. Try to keep your leg as elevated as you can, and whenever you can, as this shall slowly bring down the swelling. You can try both, icing as well as heating your ankle, but never too much, just around 20 minutes daily. Also, while tying the bandage remember to tie it not too tight, as it will simply backfire, worsening your ankle, by cutting off all blood supply to it.

Certain basic exercises such as swimming can be done even with a sprained ankle, and should be done.  Also try slowly rotating your legs when the pain lessens. If it hurts while rotating then stop immediately, as it means your ankle is not yet ready for such exercises.

Many people also swear by fruits and vegetables doing the trick. It is said slices of onion wrapped around your ankle can make it better, and the same goes for heated cabbage leaves as well. Even slices of pineapple are said to do the same. While I can’t vouch for these remedies, I can vouch for the fact that warm, not hot, garlic oil when rubbed gently on the ankle seeps into the skin and bone, providing quick relief.

But the best way to treat it is to simply avoid it in the first place. So go easy on playing contact sports, avoid playing and walking on broken or uneven surfaces. Invest in good quality shoes with sturdy heels that can stabilise your feet, should your body falter for any reason.

However, if the pain stays with you for more than a month then it is wise to consult a doctor, as it might not be a sprain, but perhaps a hairline fracture or something worse.  Also if you take your ankle strain lightly, or don’t let it heal fully, there are chances that in the future you might start suffering from chronic ankle sprains and strains. This is because every time there is a sudden shift in the body weight your weakened and loose ankle will have no choice but to give in and collapse under all that pressure.

So be smart and avoid such an adverse situation, by following the above mentioned tips and remedies, and fix your ankle yourself.