Natural Remedies For Acidity


Acidity can be defined as sour or burning sensation in the chest region this can be due to excessive secretion of acid to the upper part of esophagus. Chewing the food properly and drinking a lot of water helps in better digestion and absorption and hence can control acidity. Stomach secretes hydrochloric acid for the digestion of food particles.

When the secretion of acid becomes excessive compared to normal secretion it results as acidity. Now, acidity has become a common problem among people due to many reasons.


Burning or sour sensation in the chest region felt after having meal is the main symptom of acidity. Feeling hungry frequently is another symptom for acidity. Pain in upper abdomen can be due to acidity. Bitter taste in mouth and vomiting is one of the main symptoms of acidity.

Another symptom is nausea and belching. Heartburn is recognized by a deep pain in the chest behind the back borne. An aching pain in the upper side of abdomen can be due to acidity. The pain sometimes penetrates through the gut.


Acidity can be the result of some malfunctioning of digestive system. Secreting excessive amount of hydrochloric acid by the gastric glands due to some malfunctioning can be the reason. Excessive intake of alcohol can also result in problems like acidity. This is the reason why most of the drunkard also suffers from acidity.

Acidity can be the result for skipping breakfast or keeping stomach empty for a long time. Irregular eating pattern and time can lead to acidity. This is the main reason for acidity seen among new generation. Eating food items like chocolate, ice creams etc which are rich in fat and oil can increase chance for acidity. Oily food consumption in large amount will result in acidity and other stomach problems.

New generation is now behind junk foods and fast foods for time consumption which can result in acidity and many other stomach and digestive disorders. Use of aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs can cause acidity. Even excessive exposure to sun light and heat can also lead to stomach problems. Consumption of refined and fibreless food can also cause acidity and other stomach problems.

Home remedies

Sucking up a piece of clove can give relief from acidity and related problems. Chewing bubble gum can also provide rapid relief from acidity related problems. Consuming milk and milk product can be beneficial in case of acidity related problems. One of the best home remedies for acidity is to in take fresh mint juice once in a day. This can provide a relief from the souring sensation due to acidity.

Another effective home remedy for acidity is to boil cumin seeds in water and drinking it with daily meals.  Cumin seeds can be also mixed in orange juice instead of water.

A mixture of apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water can be taken to reduce chance of acidity. This is a very effective and beneficial remedy for acidity. Fruits like watermelon, banana and cucumber can reduce acidity. Thus consumption of these fruits after meal can effectively reduce acidity. Watermelon can give a cooling effect for our stomach and can also help in smooth digestion.

Herbal tea prepared by adding small amounts of spearmint and liquorice can be taken once a day since it can prevent acidity.
Drinking water early in the morning can reduce acidity and is the best home remedy for acidity since water is a good neutralizer.
Another important treatment for acidity is to take a teaspoon full of white vinegar along with the meal. This can reduce acidity and related stomach problems by helping in proper digestion.

Frequent use of aspirin like medicines should be completely avoided since use of aspirin can increase acidity. Intake of spicy foods and pickles should be avoided. Do not try to skip breakfast since it creates many stomach and health problems. Raw salad vegetables like onion and radish should be avoided from daily meals if having problems of acidity. Eating 10 grams of jaggery after meal is another important and beneficial home remedy as it can prevent formation of excess of acid in the stomach.

Dinner should be taken at least 2 hours before going to bed. This is a good habit and it can also keep you healthy and fit. Immediate relief can be felt when yogurt is taken after meal or with meal. This is one of the best home remedy for acidity and related problems. A teaspoon of soda can be mixed in a glass of water and consumed once a day to prevent acidity. This is another effective remedy for acidity.

An equal proportion of ginger pulp and coriander can be mixed and taken twice a day to reduce acidity. Lemon juice is a wonderful home remedy for acidity. The best way of taking lemon juice is to take a pinch of lemon in a glass of warm water twice during the day. The most perfect time for taking this remedy is before having each of the meal. Kokum sherbath can be made by adding a little of kokum in water and came be taken once a day. Sugar can be according to the taste. This is a good home remedy and can provide relief from acidity.

Water of tender coconut is very effective in reducing acidity. This water can be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for better results. Since coconut tender have several other benefits, intake of it can be beneficial for all other health problems. Basil leaves or tulsi is used as an effective herbal remedy for acidity. Seven to eight leaves of tulsi can be eaten early in the morning. This can reduce acidity and can also provide a relief.


You should avoid skipping meal or keeping a long gap between two meals as this is one of the main cause for acidity. Hyperacidity can lead to peptic ulcer creating more serious problems. Excessive smoking can also cause severe acidity. By following above mentioned tips and remedies one can prevent acidity from being severe.