Natural remedies for avian influenza

Avian influenza commonly known as bird flu is the influenza or infection caused by viruses adapted to birds, or sometimes, pigs. These viruses are highly species-specific, but can cross the species barrier on rare occasions to infect humans. There are some natural remedies of avian influenza:Preventing direct contact: Today, direct contact with the infected poultry is considered to be the main route to human infection. Till date, most human cases have occurred in the rural and in semi-urban areas where there are small poultry flocks in many households. These animals often roam freely, entering the households and move in the areas where the children play. As the birds shed huge quantities of virus in their feces, there are abundant opportunities for exposure to these infected droppings. Hence preventive steps need to be taken to prevent direct contact with the infected poultry.

Green tea: Green tea acts as an anti-viral agent and inhibits neuraminidase production. Daily intake of around six cups of green tea has been found to be beneficial and very effective in avian influenza treatment. Again a recent study research has shown that the persons gargling with green tea, three times a day were 87% less infected with the disease than the persons gargling three times without green tea.

Vitamin-C: Since the symptoms of Avian flu include hemorrhages under the skin and bleeding from nose and gums, these are also considered to be the critical deficiency of vitamin C. Hence, it proves that vitamin C is needed to treat it. Very high dosing of vitamin-C is required as Avian Flu appears to consume vitamin C very rapidly.

Fresh fruits: Brightly colored fruits are full of nutrients that act as natural remedies for avian flu. If these fruits are eaten raw, they can lower a person’s vulnerability to bird flu.

Balanced diet: A well planned balanced diet, regular exercise, no smoking and sufficient rest are some of the ways to boost immunity of the body. Whole grains should be consumed in the large amount along with plenty of vegetables and reduced fat dairy products to have a well balanced diet in boosting immunity to fight Avian influenza.