Natural remedies for better sleep

Sleep is the uniform block of time when one is not awake and it is extremely essential for your body. There are a number of reasons that affect sleep. However, if some natural formulas are maintained, it gets easy to get a good slumber at night.Maintaining a bedtime routine: Doing the same routine bedtime work like brushing the teeth, taking a warm bath, watching TV before going to bed helps in sleeping better. As we start doing these things, our body prepares itself for going to bed.

Magnesium and calcium: Both magnesium and calcium promote sleep and if taken together, they become more effective in taking rest and relieves restless sleep problems.

Wild Lettuce: Wild lettuce is a group of plants that is used in making sleeping tonics. It is used in preparing herbal medicine from ancient times, mainly as sleep support. It is also effective in headaches, anxiety and muscle and joint pain.

Aromatherapy: It is the ability to use essential oils to improve headaches, anxiety and to help in relaxing and sleeping better. Studies show that lavender is among the top five oils that help in getting better sleep. It is also a cheap and non-toxic method to slip into snooze.

Yoga and meditation: We can get better sleep if we perform yoga and meditation on a daily basis. Yogic nidra brings unbelievable calmness and quietness within us. Practice of this yoga takes you far beyond just relaxation.

Going to bed and walking up timings: Going to bed at the same time each night and also walking up at a same particular time is essential for a good slumber as the body clock becomes accustomed to the same sleeping pattern every night.

Naps: Short naps should be avoided as they upset the body’s clock and does not make us exhausted during bedtime.

Avoiding coffee, meat and cheese: Caffeine is good at keeping people awake. Hence, intake of tea, coffee, chocolate, and cheese after 2 or 3pm so that the night sleeps can be deep.

Following these simple tips can help you to provide a good-night sleep.