Natural Remedies for Cold Sores

Blisters that are caused by fever are called cold sores. They are normally caused by an oral infection of the herpes virus.

In order to cures these cold sores one must sty away from dairy products especially the unpasturized kind. Yogurt, milk, buttermilk, cheese and butter must be avoided.

Citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lemon and sour lemons tend to cause acidic sensations and irritate the cold sores and hence must be avoided in their fruit or juice form.

At the first glimpse of the breakout you must start taking supplements to prevent the growth of the bacteria. Zinc and iron are anti oxidants that may help you.

You need to improve your immune system to get rid of the fever and hence the cold sores. A dose of Vitamin C supplement or through your diet will help you to increase your energy levels and help your immune system to heal quicker.

You can also treat the cold sores topically. Firstly you need to maintain your hygiene levels. Start off with having a warm water bath with a few drops of antiseptic liquid added to the water. This helps to relieve your common chest cold. The steam from the hot water when mixed with the antiseptic liquid causes the mucus to melt and be eliminated during your bath.

After this you must wipe yourself dry with a clean towel. Never use the previous day’s towel when suffering from an infection as you prevent the infection from getting eliminated from your body. Rub tea tree oil all over your chest, palms of your hands, soles of your feet and on the areas affected with the cold sores. You must rub te oil several times a day on the blisters to get rid of them. Since tea tree oil is a natural product; you need not fear about side effects.