Natural Remedies For Common Problems In Babies

Babies are very small to express their pain and trouble they experience. Adding on to the situation is they cannot speak and tell where and what problem they are experiencing. So if they have stomach ache or cold or cough or fever or any other problem the only way they can make us understand that they are suffering is by crying.

However intelligent mothers understand their kid’s behaviour so well that any change in baby’s normal behaviour alarms them that the baby is not well. Another way to find out is by studying the baby’s posture and habits like if he is touching his ears quite often or rubbing them this indicates that they might have pain or problem in the ears. Similarly there are many other indicative signals which might guide us to the real reason for their crying.

There are few natural remedies which are helpful in treating few general baby problems like fever, cold and cough, flatulence, constipation etc. If the baby is suffering from fever make the kid wear cotton clothes and take off warm clothes. If the temperature is high do sponging and if possible give him a bath. Make him drink water as much as possible. Fruit juice or lime juice is also helpful. Boil 3-5 garlic cloves in half cup milk. Let the mixture cool a bit them massage it on babies palms and feet. This will lower the body temperature.

Diarrhoea is another problem kids suffer from and mainly in summers. With the onset of diarrhoea the kid should be given Oral Rehydration Solution. Oral rehydration solution can be prepared by mixing 200ml water, 1 teaspoon sugar and a pinch of salt. Baby should be given this solution every half hour. Starch of rice can also be given to the baby. It helps in controlling loose motions. Juice from outside or fruit vendors should not be given at all.

Mothers who breast feed should keep on feeding their baby as often as possible. Fresh coconut water also helps in rehydrating the baby. For cold and cough honey can be mixed with ginger juice in a spoon and given to the baby. Honey with Tulsi leaves also helps in clearing the cough in the throat. If nose is blocked with cough sun bathing or steam bath will also give the baby some relief.

Flatulence or stomach ache can be treated by taking the baby in your lap and put him on your shoulder and pat his back not very hard and. A burp will come which will ease the pain. Put a towel squeezed in warm water on his stomach. Then make the baby lie down on the bed on his stomach, this will release gas from his stomach if it is causing pain. For 2-3 hours do not give any food except for warm water this will also relax baby. If there is infection in stomach give him one teaspoon onion juice to drink, this will clear baby’s stomach from infection. Bathing baby with need water protects the baby from various skin infections also. So treat your baby naturally, but if situation worsens take him to the doctor.