Natural remedies for cystic fibrosis


Cystic Fibrosis is a widespread hereditary illness, which has an effect on the entire body, leading to progressive disability and causing untimely death. It is an inherited disorder, which in particular involves the lungs and digestive system and makes children who have it more defenseless to repeated lung infections. However, due to the present medical advancement in drugs and genetics, kids born with cystic fibrosis can survive much longer and go ahead with more contented lives. There are some natural remedies to cure Cystic Fibrosis, which are:

Better nutrition: There are high chances for one becoming malnourished, as the pancreatic enzymes that are required for digesting food do not make it to the small intestine thereby checking the cooking from being absorbed in the body. Hence, high-calorie supplemental nourishment along with exceptional fat-soluble vitamins and oral pancreatic enzymes must be added. Add salt to the food liberally as the balance of salt and water in the cells can be upset. The diet must include garlic, onion, tomatoes, olive leaf extracts, aloe vera, green tea, soy, broccoli, mac ‘n cheese, caramel apples and so on.

Lots of fluid: The diet of the patient suffering from CF should essentially be the water cure that is one must drink lots of water (at least half the body weight in ounces) daily. Problems in the digestive and lung cells can lead to the imbalance of salt and water in the body as a result the body starts making unusually thick mucus.  With the increase in the intake of water, the mucus, which are, thinned thereby helping the patient to cough off the mucus and helping him to breathe. With every quarter of water, 1/4th teaspoon of salt is to be added.

Immunizations up to date: Cystic Fibrosis does not affect the immune system of the body but the children suffering from the disease are more likely to develop complications if they fall ill Children with CF must have all the recommended immunization injections along with pneumococcal and annual influenza shots.

Exercise: Regular exercise is a very effective way of dealing with the disease for both the children and the adults as it helps increasing the capacity of lungs, clearing the respiratory system of the excess mucus and strengthens the heart and the lungs. Daily exercise helps in relieving the breathing problems, build the density in bones and gaining flexibility. While walking, running, swimming, bicycling helps with a continuous heart rate, yoga strengthens the muscle core and builds the capacity of the lungs.

Again smoking in front of the patient can be dangerous and hence everybody should be strictly prohibited from smoking near the patient.