Natural Remedies For Hearing Loss Treatment

The inability of the individual to hear the sounds properly is called as loss of hearing. There is no age limit for loss of hearing. It can happen to person of any age group, race, sex or age. Hearing loss or hearing impairment is described as the decrease in the ability of the ears to detect and also distinguish the sounds.

This loss of hearing can happen either slowly or suddenly. Hearing loss is caused from sensorineural damage in auditory nerve system, obstruction of the ear canal, abnormalities in the ossicles, prolonged illness, physical trauma, environmental noise, genetic or hereditary, medications etc.

Difficulty in following conversations when more than two people are talking at the same time, problem in the hearing of sound properly and clearly over the phone, difficulty in the hearing of the sound in a noisy environmental, repeatedly asking anyone as to what he is saying etc are some of the symptoms of hearing loss.

However, hearing loss can be treated effectively through natural cures:

Exposure time: One should always try to minimize his exposure time to loud sound else it can cause hearing loss in the long run. This loud sound includes food mixers, lawn mowers, and hair dryers and so on.

Safe level: Music should always be listening to music system or television at home at a safe level. It helps to prevent the complications of hearing loss. On many occasions, it has been found that people tend to wear headphones and turn up the music. It is extremely dangerous for the ears as the sound goes directly into the ears and can cause trouble.

Sharp objects: Never ever introduce sharp objects like hair pins, cotton swab inside the ear. On the contrary, just by blowing the nose gently when he is suffering of cold prevents the person to suffer from getting into hearing loss.

Hearing tested: Get the ears tested in every 2 to 4 years for children while 1 to 2 years for the adults particularly after the crossing of the age limit of 50 years. This way of keeping track helps to prevent the further detoriation of the ears.