Natural remedies for lactose intolerance digestion

Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the significant amount of lactose, major sugar found in milk and milk products. It is the body’s inability to produce lactose, the enzyme needed to digest lactose, the primary sugar found in cow’s milk and other dairy products. There are a number of natural remedies to lactose intolerance digestion.Natural remedies:

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is made from pasteurized milk. Sometimes manufacturers repasteurize the milk before freezing. This kills the beneficial organism that produces lactose. So it would be better for us to consume the yoghurt that has not been repasteurized. Again, yoghurt with fat stays in the stomach for a longer time, which means that stomach acid, has more chance to kill the beneficial organism. Therefore, it is best to look for pasteurized milk and fat-free yoghurt.

Filler: Lactose is very common filler in many cases of medication and nutritional supplements. According to certain physicians, in some pills, there might be enough lactose present for causing lactose intolerance for some people.

Calcium: Since milk is the major source of calcium in our body, the intake cut back on milk might produce deficiency of calcium in the body. Hence our diet should be supplemented with substitutes like Tums, sardines with bones, spinach or broccoli. Furthermore, lactose free milk is a great way to get calcium in our body.

Drinking milk alone: One must try to avoid drinking milk alone. Many studies have shown that milk with a meal does not provide the lactose intolerance for most people.

Eating yoghurt before ice cream: According to some Physicians, intake of yoghurt around 10-15 minutes previously the eating of ice-cream can lessen the symptoms of lactose intolerance among the people.

Buttermilk: Instead of milk, buttermilk can be tried. Despite the name, it has much less cholesterol and fat that milk has. Hence digestion becomes easy for the body.

Cheese: Cheese can be tried too as they have much fewer lactose than milk. Hard cheeses are most fermented and hence healthy for diet. Swiss cheese contains only small traces of lactose and hence is easily digestible.

Yoghurt everyday: Pasteurized and non fat yoghurt should be taken everyday in order to improve digestion. Hence one must intake yoghurt on a daily basis.