8 Natural Remedies For Torn Ligaments


Ligaments are rubbery, slightly elastic or flexible connective tissues that grasp one bone to another in a body. It thereby forms a joint. These ligaments are vital components of the joints as they control the sequence of movement of the joints.

Natural Remedies For Torn Ligaments


Ligaments steady the joints by fastening the bone ends as one to avert dislodgment and movement that may be the grounds to injury. Over stretching of the ligaments can lead to torn ligaments. Besides, twisting of ankle or knee, falling down badly, lifting a heavy object, spraining, etc. also can lead to torn ligaments.

Natural remedies for torn ligaments:


Rest is the best way of treating the torn ligaments. It is best not to put any pressure or try to shift from one place to another when the ligament is torn. Rest should be given to the damaged area as much as possible.



Application of ice or cold cloths to the injured ligament helps a lot in decreasing the pain and swelling of the ligaments.



This fruit is supportive in reducing the soreness of the sprain or the torn ligament. Hence, in order to reduce the pain of the torn ligament, intake of lots of pineapple helps a lot.



Massaging garlic oil and almond oil in the affected area also helps in reducing the swelling and pain of the affected area.

Almond oil

Hot water packs:

In some cases, hot water packs are helpful in curing torn ligaments. Furthermore, if the affected area is placed once in cold water and again in hot water, it could heal the wound even faster.

Hot water packs

Elevated position:

Keeping the knee or the place that has been affected in an elevated position can help in reducing the swelling and pain of the ligament of the joint area. It is a good natural remedy for torn ligaments.



Mild workouts of the joint or physiotherapy can also help a lot in healing the joint fast. However, the advice must be taken from a physiotherapist before starting any kind of exercises as some exercises can aggravate the pain and swelling of the joint.


Lime powder:

Mixing a teaspoon of raw lime powder and a teaspoon of honey and applying it to the affected area also cures the pain and reduces the swelling. It is also an effective natural remedy to torn joints.

Lime Powder