Natural Remedies To Aid Twitching Muscles

Twitching muscles are small involuntary movements in your muscles or muscle fibers. They occur in your hands, feet, fingers, toes and in other parts of your body. Often they are so minor that they go unnoticed; however when they increase in intensity you become aware of the sensations. The most common area of the twitching is the eyes. The duration of the twitches is short and they are painless and harmless; it is the irritation that causes concern.


There are several factors that cause muscles to twitch. In most cases the most common cause is dehydration. Sleep deprivation, fatigue, stress and high caffeine levels also contribute to the excessive muscle action. On the other hand the muscle spasms could also be a reaction to certain medications or due to lack of nutrients.

Tips To Help You Manage The Twitching Sensation

If you are a caffeine addict then you must try and reduce the amount of caffeine you consume daily. Swap coffee and tea for fresh fruit juices or water; it will also take care of any issues with dehydration.

avoid caffeine

If stress is causing the muscle twitching then you must try relaxation techniques to help to ease the stress levels. Aromatherapy is very useful in this case. Lavender oils used in a diffuser or in candles are extremely helpful in reducing stress levels. You can also try yoga exercises for relaxation.


These are natural treatment options and they help your overall health without the tension of side effects. In fact you must make exercise a part of your daily routine. A brisk walk for 30 minutes a day will be extremely helpful and helps to relax your body and calm your mind.


You must ensure that you get a few hours of quality sleep. You need not sleep for 8 hours to feel rested. 5 hours of quality sleep will help you to maintain your energy levels for the entire day. If you suffer from insomnia then you can try having a warm bath before bed time and have a glass of warm milk with honey. These techniques will signal your body that it is time to relax and unwind.