Natural Remedies to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

Your overall health is reflected by the condition of your skin. As a result it is easy for anyone to assess how well you take care off yourself simply by glancing at your skin. There are several factors which impact your total appearance such as your environment, air, pollution, lifestyle, sleeping habits and personal care habits. Just like you nourish and feed your body it is important that you take care and nourish your skin with the right things.

Simple choices such as consuming water or a fruit juice instead off having a coffee could help you postpone the appearance of aging skin. The foods you eat can also play a vital role in ensuring that you have glowing, supple and younger looking skin if they have the right amounts of nutrients present in them. There are a few guidelines that you could follow that would help you achieve healthier skin which would be visible in 3-4 weeks if incorporated into your regular routine.

To gain healthier skin it is important that you get the right nutrients into your system. The first nutrient that you should work on would be EFAs or essential fatty acids. The EFAs would compromise of omega 3s, omega 6s and omega 9s. These are also known as healthy fats and are found commonly in sea food. Theses nutrients have anti inflammatory properties which affect the entire body both from outside as well as from within.

Beta-carotene is another nutrient that is essential for the body to have healthy skin. Foods that are rich in beta- carotene would include oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow bell peppers, spinach and broccoli. Beta-carotene is a form of Vitamin A and helps in renewal off dead skin cells and regeneration of damaged skin cells. Adequate consumption of this nutrient results in younger and fresher looking skin.

The next essential nutrient that you should consume is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in abundance in whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds such as sunflower and sesame. Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant and also helps to fill the sub dermal layers of the skin. This results in more supple skin. The anti oxidant properties of Vitamin E helps to keep toxic free radicals in check thus reducing their damaging effects on the body.