Natural Remedies to Treat Hiccups

Hiccups are found to occur and are often considered as a reaction to frequent digestive disturbance. Usually, hiccups often stop on their own but on rare occasions it is also found to last for more than a day.

This can cause extreme embarrassment and disturbance as it can affect the eating, sleeping, talking as well as work continuance to the concerned individual. However, there are some valuable natural remedies that help to solve the purpose.

Holding of breath: There are a large number of home remedies for hiccups and holding of breath is one of them. The individual suffering from the problem has to hold the breath for a few moments or count till 10. It serves as a good home remedy for curing hiccups for some people.

Breathing hard: Since hiccups are a result of unnatural contractions of the diaphragm, breathing hard into a brown paper bag helps to ease the problem. The forced breathing movements help to restore the diaphragm into natural contractions thereby treating hiccups.

Sugar: Putting sugar under the tongue is an age-old remedy for treating hiccups. This popular home remedy is found to work more among the babies and children than the adults as the taste of the sugar tends to divert the mind of the baby into the food inside the mouth rather than concentrating the mind on the problem. Again for some swallowing of dry ingredients like sugar helps to get relieve from the hiccups.

Hot and spicy food: The best way to avoid hiccups is by avoiding hot and spicy foods. The hot and spicy foods often have a tendency to aggravate the lining of the esophagus providing the grounds to the rise of hiccups. Hence it is always better to avoid this sort of food.

Ice: Ice water is a good home remedy for hiccups. Sipping up of ice water can help to reduce hiccups. Again, placing of an ice bag on the diaphragm just below the rib cage can also help in stopping hiccups.

Green cardamom: One has to pound 5-6 green cardamoms and put it in two cups of boiling water. Wait till the water is reduced to one cup. Then sieve the mixture and drink the water while it is still warm. This is a beneficial home remedy for hiccups.