Natural Remedies Using Carrot

Carrot, known as The Queen of Roots, is a common root vegetable in our kitchen. The taproot is used as vegetable which is crispy in nature while fresh. Carrots are used in different cuisines for its color also.  

Carrot is a rich source of β-carotene which is responsible for its bright color.  β-carotene is converted to vitamin A during metabolic process. Vitamin A is essential for good eye sight. It also contains vitamin B and C. It is estimated that 100gm of carrots contains energy of 48 Kcal, 80 mg of calcium, 530mg of phosphorus, 35.6 mg of sodium , 108 mg of potassium and 1890 mcg of vitamin C.

Besides being a vegetable, carrot has great medicinal value too. Raw carrot grinded to a fine paste with goats’ milk is excellent for skin care. The same is prescribed for treating severe skin rashes to give immediate relief. Carrot made to a fine paste along with turmeric, a natural antiseptic, can be applied on burns.  This is a good remedy for both first and second degree burns and it provides a cooling and soothing effect on the affected part.

Take carrot juice on an empty stomach to get rid of gastritis. Carrot juice also gives relief in case of urinary diseases. Two tablespoons of carrot juice, mixed with honey is an excellent remedy for anemia. Carrots are rich source of dietary fiber. Including raw carrots in your daily food will help to get relief from digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation etc. Hot carrot soup is a very good remedy for diarrhea and intestinal problems.

Raw carrots prevent formation of plaques on teeth. Intake of 2 – 3 raw carrots daily will help to regulate cholesterol level. It is also a natural detoxifier. Carrots act as a natural preventive medicine for heart and liver diseases. It also helps to prevent loss of memory.

Carrots play an important role in dental care also. Chewing raw carrots helps to prevent formation of plaques on your teeth. Chewing carrot leaves is a good alternative treatment for mouth ulcers and gum diseases. Including carrot leaves in your daily diet will help to prevent arthritis.

On consuming raw carrots, only 3% of β-carotene is absorbed during metabolism. To increase its absorption and to reap nutritional benefits, do include cooked or steamed or fried carrots as well in your daily food.