Natural Sex Stimulants For Flagging Libido

Kitchen can be called the best Apothecary to spice up your sex life. London based Dr. Cecilia Tregear has helped several unhappy couple reunite by spicing up their sex lives using natural aphrodisiacs and she has written a “Between the sheets diet” for energising your sex life. Dr. Tregear says “The biggest sex organ is brain which produces the chemicals and hormones that triggers the feeling of love and attraction, arousal and orgasm”.

Dopamine Effect

So for good and regular sexual activity it is necessary to have good nutrition and healthy balance of hormones in the body. The most important thing thus is supplying right chemical food to our brain. Right diet can ensure the right levels of these chemicals and hormones in our body. Dopamine a chemical released by brain helps in feeling good, that’s why it is called Feel Good chemical and a diet which increases the level of dopamine in our body is very helpful in keeping us stress free.

This chemical controls various kinds of desires and stimulates your brain to engage in sexual pleasure or boosts your sexual drive. So it’s not just diet which contributes to good level of feel good chemical. Taking a walk for 20 minutes out in open world or any kind of body work helps in stimulating dopamine levels.

Foods to raise Dopamine level

Legumes, Fish, eggs and cottage cheese are rich in proteins and amino acids, thus trigger the production of dopamine. Milk, wheat germs and red meat are also rich in amino acids and help in increasing dopamine level in our body. Vegeatbles like peas, beans and beetroot also are good for increasing dopamine level. Fruits like bananas, blueberry, strawberry, apples and watermelon are also dopamine boosters. Amongst spices black pepper, cumin, fennel, flax seeds, mustard seeds, sesame seeds and turmeric are rich in dopamine.

Balancing The Hormones

The main sex hormones Estrogens, Androgens (testosterone and DHEA need to be in perfect balance to be perfectly sexually fit. Vaginal lubrication and proper vaginal lining is maintained by estrogens hormone in women. A drop in the level of estrogens in women leads to less lubrication in vagina causing painful sex. This mainly leads to loss of sexual drive in women of middle age. While in men high level of estrogens causes erectile difficulties. Testosterone the main sex hormone affects sexual desire in both men and women.

High level of testosterone triggers tendency to have more sex and lower level of testosterone leads to lack of sexual desire in both the sexes. Lower level of testosterone makes men suffer from lack of libido and erectile dysfunctions. So to keep a balance of testosterone we need to eat a balanced diet which should be rich in animal fat and good cholesterol. Like a diet rich in meat and fish and eggs helps in production of sex hormones in our body. It’s not just the sex hormones you need high levels of HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH). This hormone spices up your sex life by making you feel more energetic and vigorous.

Foods to raise level of hormones

Beef, pork, chicken liver, eggs, tofu, sea food, and pumpkin seeds are good source of zinc. Zinc helps in increasing testosterone in males and females. Oysters are the best natural aphrodisiacs as they are very rich source of zinc. Excess of fibres lowers the level of estrogens as fibres stop absorption of estrogens. Eating breakfast rich in cereals and toast etc. hampers the production of hormones, so avoid eating them. HGH level boosting foods are vegetables like carrots, blueberries and parsnips. To keep your body energetic you should eat kelp, sea weeds, clams, oyster and tuna.