Natural Sleep Aids

Human beings have been using various natural sleep aids from times immemorial in order to combat numerous sleepless nights. Sleepless nights have become more common now-a-days with the life of most of the individuals becoming increasingly difficult and full of tension.

The result is most of us are becoming a prey to sleeping pills. But these sleeping pills have been found to be mostly addictive and have the ability to damage the health of any individual.

Hence with the passing of time more and more persons are shifting from sleeping pills to various natural sleep aids that helps us to unwind and rest once we hit bed. Here are some of the natural sleep aids that help us to resolve insomnia permanently yet naturally.

Yoga: There are a lot of breathing techniques and yoga postures that help to increase the blood circulation in the centre of the brain and thereby help to relieve the pressure, anxiety and stress from our system. With the successful combating of these negative elements, yoga can help in encouraging regular sleeping patterns of the persons.

Sugar and coffee: Diet has been associated time and again as one of the major cause of sleepless nights. The first and the foremost thing that the sufferer needs to watch for is his intake of caffeine and sugar. It is always advisable to cut out intake of food that is rich in sugar particularly close to bedtime.

Coffee has been known to cause sleepless nights for many if it is consumed on a regular basis. Hence the sufferer can try to go without coffee for a few days in order to check out whether it affects his sleeping patterns and intake the drink accordingly.

Magnesium: There have been certain foods that have been tagged as natural sleep aids due to their innate talent to quiet and ease the body into slumber. The foods that have magnesium in them have been established to help the individuals suffering from insomnia by performing as a solution to emotional tension. Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium are seeds, cashews, almonds, whole grains, dark leafy green vegetables, yeast, molasses etc.