Natural Techniques to Reduce your Stress Levels

Stress that you face may be internal or external. There are several factors that contribute to increasing or reducing your stress levels. Sometimes stress is short term and in other case sit is long term. It can lead to increase in your cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and hypertension and in the case of pregnant women can also lead to a miscarriage.

The best recommendation from me is for you to be able to manage your stress levels naturally without the use of medication. While medication is extremely useful for those suffering from chronic stress, it can also lead to dependence and thus a life long issue.

The first thing you need to do is to be able to watch your breathing patterns. When you feel that a particular condition is beginning to stress you out, stop and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. If your heart beat is already faster than normal or your breathing has already increased then you must relax and try to reduce your breathing and focus on slowing down your heart beat.

If possible move away from the environment that is causing the increase in your stress levels. Go out in to the open and breathe some fresh air or grab a few friends and talk about your condition. Do not focus on the stressor but a solution. Get back to reality or the stress causing environment when you are calmer.

Realize that time is not constant and that you need to move with the time. Every condition that causes the stress is sure to move on as well and hence you will need to let go of stress causing situations and conditions.

Manage your time well. Remember that every task needs to have a delegated time by which it needs to be complete. Set timelines and deadlines for yourself to help you to reduce stress by half.