9 Natural Treatment For Acne Vulgaris


9 Natural Treatment For Acne Vulgaris

There is an array of treatment options available for acne. They rely on various theories depending on its causes. Ayurvedic treatment is one of the popular methods used to treat acne, as it does not have any side effects. Hence, you could safely resort to this treatment method without worrying much about the adverse reactions.

According to Ayurveda, acne breakouts are caused due to eating disorders. Although poor eating habits are considered to be the main reason, it may also be due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Therefore, in Ayurveda, the treatment for skin conditions like acne vulgaris is based on a few restrictions on the intake of food and use of special herbs to control the problem.

However, discuss the use of these herbs with your dermatologist and do not replace the prescribed medications with the herbal treatments unless directed by your doctor.

Ayurvedic Treatment Procedure for Acne Vulgaris

Dietary Norms

Dietary Norms To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

The following dietetic norms are recommended by Ayurveda to address the acne problem. It suggests including fresh fruits in your diet as much as you can. You need to avoid preparing food that is too spicy or pungent. Prefer eating leafy greens and avoid excessive oily or sugary food especially in summer.

Consuming food within short span of time is considered unhealthy and might lead to various skin problems including pimples and acne. For instance, it is best to avoid consuming any kind of food within a few hours of dinner or lunch. According to Ayurvedic practice, it is believed that sufficient time must be given for the food to be digested completely.

Also, consuming foods that are incompatible together could further aggravate the problems related to acne. For example, intake of milk and fish together can be quite adverse. Ayurvedic sciences have inferred that food which is consumed against the body’s wish can lead to various visible skin problems such as pimples and acne.

It is important to stick to the above practices, while you undergo Ayurvedic acne treatment. Healthy practices and discipline are the core aspects of Ayurveda.

Herb Based Treatments


Neem To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

A few herbal formulations have proved to be quite useful in the treatment of acne and neem is one such extensively used herb. It is useful for a variety of skin problems and acne is one among them.

Apart from the beneficial antiseptic properties of neem, the concoctions prepared from this herb are effective in getting rid of the surplus oil from the skin.


You could see visible effect, when you drink basil tea at least once a day. The antiseptic property of basil is quite popular and it is a perfect solution for acne vulgaris.

Basil To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

You can also use a solution prepared from half part of capsicum, dandelion root – 2 parts, one part – alfalfa plant leaf, red clover – 2 parts and Echinacea root – one part. This paste must be applied to the affected part for sustained relief.

Papaya Paste

Use of papaya paste is one of the common acne vulgaris treatment methods practiced in Ayurveda. The pulp of papaya is mixed with water and this paste is applied on the face.

The face is washed with clean water after about 20 minutes. Following this, use sesame or coconut oil to gently massage the skin. The process can be repeated every day for a week to reduce pimples.

Papaya Paste To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

Turmeric and Sandalwood

Sandalwood or chandana is quite helpful in purifying blood and reduce acne outbreaks. You can make a paste by mixing turmeric and sandalwood in the ratio of 1: 5. Sandalwood is used for its cooling effect and turmeric is well-known for its antiseptic properties. Repeat this process daily in the morning as well as evening.

Turmeric and Sandalwood To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

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Almond Or Chick Pea Paste

Make a paste of chickpea flour (you can buy this from any health food store) using enough water and 1 tsp flour.

Apply this thick and moist mix to the face and wait until it dries (approximately 20 minutes) and then rinse off. A deep cleansing paste can be made by using almond powder – 1 tsp and goat’s milk – 1 tsp. The paste is quite effective for treating acne.

Almond Or Chick Pea Paste To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

Lime Juice

Mix equal quantities of groundnut oil and lime juice to the affected area. Allow this to dry for ten minutes and then rinse your face. This remedy will reduce acne flare-ups and also helps in preventing blackheads.

Lime Juice To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

Fast Remedies

There are several quick remedies in Ayurveda that help in improving the acne-ridden skin. You can apply a mixture prepared from orange peel powder and rose water to minimize the blemishes and give a healthy texture to your skin.

Orange Peel To Reduce Acne Vulgaris

Lifestyle Changes

Dealing with acne not only involves the dietary adjustments and external treatments, but lifestyle changes are also relatively important. Internal stress, fear, worries and grief may have a negative impact on your skin.

Therefore, Ayurveda suggests combating these symptoms through various methods like yoga, meditation and various other relaxation techniques to get relief from tension. Besides, breathing clean air, drinking fresh water, receiving an adequate amount of sunlight and exercising regularly will not only help in treating acne, but improves your overall health as well.

Avoid Stress To Reduce Acne Vulgaris