5 Natural Treatment For Stomach Pains

5 Natural Treatment For Stomach Pains

Most of us have experienced the ache and uneasiness of the stomach pains from time to time. Such a situation mostly arises when the stomach does not agree with what we have eaten, and it quickly passes when we empty the stomach. If the stomach pains become frequent, then it becomes a necessity to take action and find out what the problem is. Low stomach acidity can be one of the causes of stomach pains.

Besides this, candidiasis, stomach ulcer, intolerance of food, combining of bad food, appendicitis, and irritable bowel syndrome can also cause stomach pains. Furthermore, a number of bad habits like not chewing the food properly, drinking water or any fluid before and in between meals, etc. are some of the natural causes of stomach pains. If the stomach pain is not arising due to any major health hazard, it can be prevented with a few effective natural cures.

5 Natural Treatment For Stomach Pains

Rich Food

Rich food

Consumption of rich food can cause cramping pain in the stomach. The stomach will feel heavy and disordered with a lot of flatulence and one can get relief with the cold applications which will effectively treat the stomach ache. It is always better to avoid rich foods and stick to light, healthy meals.

Lime, Mint, Ginger

One effective cure for stomach pains is to mix a table spoon of mint juice, lime juice, a few drops of ginger juice and a pinch of black salt is to be added to a glass of water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and drink it. This mix can help in alleviating of pain.

Lime, mint, ginger


One has to grate a small piece of ginger and take out the juice. Then this juice has to be massaged to the bottom of the belly gently and softly. This is useful in curing the stomach ache.


Ginger Juice and Castor Oil

One has to add a teaspoon of each of ginger juice and castor oil to half a cup of warm water. This mixture has to be consumed twice daily so as to get relief from the stomach ache.

castor oil


Drinking plenty of water can remove acidity if that is the cause of stomach pains. One needs to intake loads of water so as to cure from stomach pains.

Drink Water