Natural Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes In Children

Children as well as adolescents commonly suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. Whenever it is said that a kid under 20 years of age has diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes is being referred to. Type 2 Diabetes is caused when the body becomes incapable of using insulin even though it is produced in the pancreas unlike in the case of adults.

This results in the inability of the pancreas to use properly the insulin so that blood sugar levels are maintained in the body. Type 2 Diabetes mostly affects obese kids.

When it comes to children, the treatment better be good and long term. Here are some of the best natural ways to treat Type 2 Diabetes in children. These natural treatments decrease insulin resistance in the body and prevent Type 2 Diabetes from progressing more into the body. It should be noted that these natural treatments should be backed up by regular exercise.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the most effective way to treat Type 2 Diabetes in children. Diet for such kids should be rich in fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, fiber, lean protein such as fish, whole grains such as brown rice and healthy fats such as olive oil. Saturated fat is the enemy for a child having Type 2 Diabetes and such a child should say no to sugar and sweetened foods.


There are a number of herbs that improves pancreatic health and helps in the proper functioning of the endocrine system. As a result the blood sugar levels in the children are maintained. Gymnema sylvestre maintains healthy glucose levels in the body and galega officinalis balances the glucose amount in bloodstream.Bilberry is known for its antioxidant properties and contains adequate levels of anthocyanosides. Diabetes often causes poor eyesight in children. Consuming bilberry on a regular basis would improve the health of those blood capillaries that transport oxygen to eyes.

A typical Mediterranean herb known as fenugreek regulates the levels of blood glucose. The fenugreek seeds are linked with 4-hydroxyisoleucine that is a free amino acid. 4-hydroxyisoleucine stimulates secretion of insulin and prevents the blood glucose to rise to alarming levels. Fenugreek seeds also inhibit production of fats.

Banaba leaf has found various medicinal uses over the years and its effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes is well known. This particular plant helps in transportation of glucose to body cells from bloodstream. Banaba leaf contains corosolic acid that regulates blood sugar levels in the body.


An essential mineral supplement for treating Type 2 Diabetes in children is chromim picolinate that regulates sugar metabolism and fat metabolism in the body. It is also easily absorbable. Vanadium, another trace element, has been proven to be effective against Type 2 Diabetes. Vanadium salts are effective on insulin-sensitive tissues. Vanadium decreases level of blood glucose. It is equally effective against Type 1 Diabetes.

Regular Exercise

It is advised that a child goes through at least a 30-minute physical exercise every day. In the absence of regular exercise, a child is likely to develop obesity that would result in Type 2 Diabetes. So, just let your kids go out and play as it helps a great deal in keeping them fit.