3 Natural Treatment to Cure Thyroid Disorder

3 Natural Treatment to Cure Thyroid Disorder

No matter what kind of thyroid disorder you are suffering from, the only likely cure for it is a healthy diet combined with rest and exercise.

To start the treatment you must go on a complete fruit diet for 5 days. During this time you must eat only fruits in the natural or juice form every 4 hours from 8 am to 8 pm. Oranges, apples, pineapples and grapes must be consumed during this time as they help to clean the bowels. Drink only warm water to enhance bowel movements so that you are able to clean your stomach completely.

Apples For Thyroid Disorder

The next three days of the treatment you may include milk as well in the diet and continue with the fruits. Add seeds, nuts and grains to your diet as well.

As a part of the treatment you must rest well. Take a day to rest completely. You must also avoid emotional disturbances as far as possible. As you find the symptoms fading away you must also increase the amount of exercise as you are likely to gain a lot of weight during the treatment.

Avoid Garlic For Thyroid Disorder

As a part of the treatment you must avoid fried foods, white flour and refined sugars. You must also stay away from live stock, tea, coffee and alcohol. Avoid garlic, tomatoes, oats, rice, cabbage and strawberries. Restrict the protein intake to cheese, peas, lentils and nuts.

You must make note that the cure is going to be a lengthy process and thus you must do everything in your power to stay away from stress, maintain a balanced diet and get the amount of rest that your body demands. Half of your daily diet must comprise of fruits, juices and vegetables and the other half must consist of whole grains. You must drink lots of water to keep your bowels active and have a cold water bath before you go to bed at night.

Diet For Thyroid Disorder

Natural Treatment to Cure Thyroid Disorder