4 Natural Treatment To Heal Brain Tumors


4 Natural Treatment To Heal Brain Tumors

The abnormal growth of cells in the brain is called brain tumor. This growth of cells can be cancerous/ malignant or can also be non-cancerous/ benign. In fact, brain tumor is an unusual accumulation of tissues where some cells multiply non stop apparently free from the method that directs normal cell growth. The tumor grows within the skull and obstructs the normal activities of the brain.

Natural treatment to cure brain tumor:

Maitake mushroom: Maitake mushroom has been acknowledged extremely useful in treating the symptoms of brain tumor. One has to boil one teaspoon of maitake mushroom powder in 250 ml. of water for 30 minutes. Then the mixture has to be strained. Drink the extract twice daily for a period of six months along with carrying out conservative treatments. The projection of brain tumor considerably gets better in the periods of six months of the treatment with Maitake mushroom powder extracts.

Maitake mushroom

Dong Quai: Dong quai also known as “Daggui” in Chinese traditional medicine is mostly called “female ginseng” or “Angelica Sinensis”. This is an herb from the Apiaceae family, originally in China. Dong quai derived from Angelica sinensis hampers malignant brain tumor expansion in vitro and in vivo with the help of a natural compound present in Angelica sinensis named n-butylidenephthalide. Recent studies carried out proved that dong quai has a therapeutic role in the treatment of brain tumors.

Dong Quai

Milk vetch: The familiar names of Astragalus are bei qi, huang qi, ogi, milk vetch, etc. Milk vetch is extremely useful and beneficial for facial nerve paralysis home remedy where milk vetch is used along with fang feng and cinnamon. The facial paralysis due to brain tumor generally develops slowly and causes seizure, headaches and memory loss. Milk vetch protects the body from cancer and is extremely helpful in combating brain injury, brain cancer and in treating brain tumor.

Milk vetch

Wolfberry: Brain tumor is the unwanted growth of cells in the brain and is the leading cause of tumor death that has poor survival rates. Interleukin-2 is a cytokine protein produced by the cells that stimulates anti-tumor responses in various cancers powerfully. Chinese researchers have proven that Wolfberry’s polysaccharides enhance the production of IL-2. Wolfberry also has the ability to induce apoptosis, a procedure where the cancer cells are broken down and regenerated.

Besides these, Fagara Zanthoxyloides and Ligusticum porteri are natural ingredients that have a strong ability to deal with brain tumors.