Natural Treatments For Hand And Wrist Pain

Wrist and hand are very important part of our body which helps us to do lots of work continuously. Sometimes, we tend to ignore the importance of these vital parts, but when we face pain in these areas, we understand the importance. While being in pain, it becomes very difficult to conduct even the simplest of activities that we used to do in our daily life. Due to the pain, flexibility and strength of hands and wrists get affected and it is important that we seriously deal with the condition.

Some causes of it

The right-handed persons use mostly their right hand instead of their left hand and as a result, they can easily get muscle pain in their left hand and wrist. In the same way, the left-handed persons can get the pain in their right hand and wrist. The computer operators, carpenters, musicians can get the problem because of putting excessive stress in these areas. If any person has injuries, strains, sprains or fractures in their wrists or hands, then he/she can get the pain after treating such disorders. Hand and wrist pain can be caused while lifting heavy objects, excessive typing on the keyboards, writing continuously, etc.

Natural remedies for hand and wrist pain

Coconut oil is one of the best natural treatments for wrist pain. Make a mixture of one cup of coconut oil with one and half cup of olive oil and apply it over your hands and wrists. Apply this mixture twice daily for about 30 to 40 days continuously. You can also use almond oil into the mixture instead of olive oil to massage your wrists gently. Again, you can make a mixture by putting some drops of lavender oil into a full bowl of fresh warm water and immerse your hand in the mixture for about 20 to 30 minutes. Continue this application twice daily for 2 to 3 months as it has the effective soothing property on the muscles of your hands.

Applying potato is a beneficial home remedy as it can increase blood circulation in a proper way and reduce the pain fast. You should cut a potato into slices and boil them with their peel into a glass of fresh water. After boiling the slices, mash them gently, apply them on your affected area when it is quite hot and tie a clean cotton cloth over the paste. Leave it to dry for half an hour and wash it off with warm water. You can also give a hot and cold compress alternatively to your hands and wrists as it can help you to remove the swelling and inflammation from your affected area in a faster way.

To get instant relief you can drink a natural tea including alfalfa, red clover, burdock, Oregon grape root, willow and cleavers as it can provide the essential minerals and nutrients to your body. You can include fruits, green leafy vegetables, wholegrain, nuts and seeds in your daily diet to enrich the fiber content in your body, which is essential for fast healing process.

At last, you should give proper rest to your wrists and hands and avoid the physical tasks that need the help of your hands.