Natural Treatments For Postpartum Depression

The birth of a newborn is undoubtedly one of the joyous moments in a woman’s life, and every woman expect a more enjoyable life post pregnancy with the little darling. Unfortunately, about 13% of the new mothers undergo a stage of depression after delivery that may call for proper medical attention.

This period of depression is medically termed as “Postpartum Depression”. Active cooperation from the partner or other family members may help the new mother to come out of the depressive phase faster. Still, if things do not go in the right way a medical consultation is must to prevent any undesirable consequences. Statistics have revealed that out of severe Postpartum Depression, mothers either have hurt themselves or the helpless newborn.

Postpartum depression is not an uncommon feature or a serious illness and one need not be panicky about it. The important factor is that a new mother also expects extra care and support from the family in nurturing the newborn, and she rightly deserves so.

Causes of Postpartum Depression:

Severe hormonal fluctuations post delivery is the main cause of the postpartum depression. Coping up with breast feeding schedules, anxiety related to the health of the new born and unpredictable feeding and sleeping habits of the newborn in the initial weeks post delivery leave the new mothers totally stressed out and depressive. Lack of support from the partner and family worsens the situation to a great extent. At times, a woman may feel unwanted or less important in the family as all attention rests on the newborn, giving rise to postpartum depression.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression:

Sadness and irritable mood lingers in the new mothers suffering from postpartum depression. Mothers feel stressed out with lower energy levels due to insufficient sleep and rest. They lose their joyfulness and tend to stay away from the loved ones. Lack of appetite and low libido followed by other physical problems like headaches and stomach aches are the common symptoms of postpartum depression.

Natural treatments of Postpartum Depression:

Among many options, the natural treatments of Postpartum Depression are the safest for nursing mothers as they are without any side effects. Higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid supplements help to overcome Postpartum Depression significantly. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish promote the functioning of the brain. Fresh green vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains are rich in Folic acid and act as good antidepressants.

Food rich in Magnesium like nuts, legumes and grains are very helpful in treating this disorder. Post pregnancy physical workouts, yoga and meditation are very helpful in improving the co-ordination of brain through improved blood circulation and thus uplift the mood to a great extent.

Herbal tea prepared from Sir John’s Wort produces highly effective results in reducing postpartum depression. Sufficient sleep is the best natural treatment in treating postpartum depression. Long hours of sleep help in relaxing the nerves reducing the stress levels to a great extent.

Lastly, support and care from the partner and other family members can do wonders in treating postpartum depression.