Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Genital Warts


treat genital warts Genital warts or venereal warts, medically termed as Condylomata acuminata can affect both males and females, and is recognized as one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Highly contagious in nature, genital warts are caused due to the infection of few strains of human papilloma virus (HPV) and spreads fast through sexual contacts. Teenagers are more vulnerable to this disease and it can also affect sexually active people of different age groups.

Genital warts are incurable as the virus remains dormant within the human body. The symptoms can be alleviated considerably through suitable treatments. Persistent infections can lead to cancer in the cervix and vaginal area in women or cancer in the penis and anal region of men. But the strains of cancer causing virus are different from those causing genital warts. It is very essential get rid of genital warts through early diagnosis and treatments to avoid any serious outcome in the future.

Symptoms of genital warts

Not all cases of genital warts come with significant symptoms. Generally, genital warts are found in the vaginal region, cervix, urethra and penis that appear as clusters resembling cauliflowers bearing pink or red color. Sometimes the warts may appear as plain outgrowths. Warts can appear in the scrotal region or throughout the body of the penis including the tip. Occasional itching and burning sensation of the warts around the genital areas can cause lot of discomfort. Vaginal bleeding during intercourse and thick vaginal discharge are other commonly observed symptoms of genital warts. In non-symptomatic cases, a thorough medical examination may reveal the viral infection.

What causes genital warts?

Genital warts are caused due to the infection of the particular strains of human papilloma virus (HPV 6 and HPV 11). The infection spreads through different sexual activities among people indulging in unsafe sexual practices or having multiple sex partners. Direct skin to skin contact spreads the disease from the infected person to the non-infected one. It can spread by touching the genitals of an infected person or sharing commonly used items like towels and handkerchiefs. Pregnant women are susceptible to genital warts due to suppressed body immunity system.

Natural treatments of genital warts

Natural treatments are highly effective that help you to get rid of genital warts without causing any embarrassment of buying over the counter medicines. In case of severe conditions, it is always recommended to seek professional consultation. Application of Vitamin E oil on the infected areas is very helpful in getting rid of genital warts. You can use Vitamin E capsules and continue the treatment till the disappearance of the warts.

Garlic and onion have anti infection properties. Application of the juice from garlic and onion is also an effective natural treatment of genital warts. Addition of salt in the onion juice before application produces more effective results. Apply Vitamin E oil over the affected area and place a crushed garlic clove on it. Bind it firmly by an adhesive tape. The wart will fall off within a few days. Change the tape and its contents everyday after having bath.

Milky juice extracted from the stem of the fig plant is also beneficial in getting rid of genital warts. Apply the juice 2-3 times daily to get the best result. Apple cider vinegar is widely used as a natural treatment of genital warts. Dab a cotton ball with a few drops of cider vinegar and fix it on the warts with an adhesive tape. The warts will shrink in size within a few days, finally disappearing completely.

Use antimicrobial soaps and warm water everyday to clean your genitals. This will reduce the intensity of the infection. Avoid using perfumed body soaps and sprays. Application of Aloe Vera gel also helps you to get rid of genital warts. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of Aloe Vera fight in reducing the infection to a great extent.

Sap from the roots of the Dandelion herb is also quite effective in reducing this problem. Application of this sap on the affected areas is another popular natural treatment of genital warts. Calendula extract has a soothing effect on the genital warts. Apply this 2-3 times a day to alleviate this condition. You can also use lemon juice to get rid of genital warts. Apply the juice on the affected areas 2-3 times a day to get the best results.

Essential oils from tea tree, Thuja and sandalwood are widely applied as natural treatments of genital warts. Continue the use of either of these oils till the infection persists. It is advised to dilute the oils in some carrier oil before application. Boost up your body immunity system taking a regular diet enriched in Folic acid and beta –carotene. Weak body immunity system is vulnerable to viral infection. Take plenty of fruits and green vegetables like tomato, radish, carrot, mango, squash and cabbage. Take enough colored fruits rich in vitamins and carotenes.

Some useful tips to get rid of genital warts

1.    Always use condoms during sexual intercourse and avoid multiple sex partners. Avoid unprotected sex as it opens the doors for life threatening disease like HIV AIDS.
2.    The infection of HPV may take several months to show the symptoms of genital warts.
3.    Strictly avoid smoking, drinking and taking oral contraceptives.
4.    Women with a medical history of genital warts should go for regular Pap smear tests to prevent cervical cancer in the future.
5.    Do not linger the infection. If natural treatments do not produce desired results within few days, never hesitate to consult a doctor.
6.    Although genital warts do not pose serious problems during childbirth in most cases, still pregnant women suffering from genital warts must be extra cautious to prevent any life threatening condition of the fetus.
7.    Genital warts cannot be cured completely, but the symptoms can be minimized to the best possible limits. People carrying history of genital warts must alter their lifestyle and diet to enjoy a better quality of life.
8.    Women should be vaccinated against HPV at a very early age between 11-26 years. After incurring the infection, there is no use of vaccination.

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