3 Natural Treatments to Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

3 Natural Treatments to Prevent Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease was initially known to be a disease of the elderly; however after Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 30 many fear this disease. Though I cannot promise that the remedies that I have stated here will help you out completely they are worth a try. Most of the natural remedies focus on improving your overall health and this in turn helps to prevent any serious illness.

Fruits And Vegetables The key to staying fit and healthy and preventing any life threatening diseases like Parkinson’s disease is to avoid all foods and habits that are unhealthy. Let’s start with the amount of refined sugar that you consume. In order to prevent Parkinson’s diseases you must eliminate all sources of refined sugar from your diet. The neurotoxin in refined sugar impact your brain cells and nervous system and this can be one of the factors that contribute to the condition. If your body does crave sugar then you can eat a fruit; this is a natural source of sugar and it helps to satisfy your craving. Eliminate sugar by avoiding diet sodas, desserts and beverages. Water is the best source of hydration so it should be your first choice.


It is important to avoid pesticides and chemicals in all forms. Fruits and vegetables are the greatest source of these harmful products. Care must be taken to eliminate all traces of harmful chemicals from your food before you process them. Opt for organic fruits, vegetables and meats and if that is not an option then you must wash all raw foods before you cut them. This will help to eliminate all toxic substances from them.

Exercising helps to loose weight, maintain the proper functioning of the heart as well as keeps your blood pressure under control. Studies show that those who exercise regularly have a lower risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease.

Milk plays a vital role in preventing Parkinson’s disease. Raw milk is full of nutrients while pasteurized milk lacks nutrients and may be adulterated and hence it must be avoided.

Raw milk

You must detoxify your body regularly. When you clean your body you get rid of all the toxins from it and this helps to prevent any diseases or illnesses.