Natural Way of Maintaining Good Healthy and Beauty

Every woman wants to look good and beautiful in this world. She tries everything to maintain her beauty. If you visit a cosmetics shop, you can find the shop full with different beauty products. Most of these beauty products contain a number of chemicals and a long term use of these products has proved to lead to adverse result. Instead of giving a great look, in some case the chemical present in these beauty products can damage our skin and hence can destroy our beauty.

So, today more and more women are opting for natural cure for maintain beauty and health. The natural cure products are free of chemical and therefore there is no chance of any side effect as in the case of chemical based beauty products. While we talk about maintaining beauty, we cover the aspects like skin care, health care and fashion. Fashion, of course, is not something related to natural cure. However, you can find various natural methods for maintaining a healthy skin and a good health.

If use of chemical based beauty products have made your complexion dull and you want to get back original complexion of your face, the natural remedy for that is applying lemon on face. This will improve your complexion and will remove oil from your face. The original color of the skin can also be regained by using tomato. The natural cure for the dull and dead skin is to apply mixture of lime, juice, sugar and glycerin on the face. This improves the look of your face and makes your skin look live. If chemicals have made your dry skin, here is the natural remedy for that. Take a spoonful of honey, 250 ml of cabbage juice and small amount of yeast, mix them and apply the pack on your face. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and then wash it with water. You will find your face glowing with a fair skin. You can improve look of your face by applying honey mixed with milk.

Are your lips no more attractive? Do they look dull? Just rub coriander leaf juice on your lips and you can find your lips rosy and softer than earlier. If you have problem of hair and want to make your hair healthy, you can use coconut oil. Wax mixed with mustard oil can be used for curing the cracked heels. These natural ways of maintaining good health have no side effects, they are available at low cost and most of them can be found at home itself.