Natural Ways For Treating Diabetes

Diabetes or high blood sugar condition is a potentially high risk disease characterized by abnormally high blood sugar levels. Millions across the globe are falling prey to this disease at alarming numbers mainly due to unhealthy life styles and over consumption of refined and processed food.

It is estimated that about 6-7% of the US population is suffering from this disease. Insulin hormone is responsible for the complete metabolism of glucose in our body, under performance of which shoots up the blood glucose levels.

Excessive urination followed by excessive thirst is the primary symptom of Diabetes. Abrupt loss of weight, excessive hunger pangs, fatigue and blurred vision are other commonly observed symptoms.

Genetics play an important role in causing Diabetes where the insulin receptor cells develop resistance towards Insulin. Lack of physical workouts, eating too much carbohydrate foods, obesity and pregnancy are other causes for Diabetes.

Natural ways of treating Diabetes:
Medical experts and nutritionists from all over the world lay emphasis on the natural ways of treating diabetes rather than any medications.

Ensure that your daily diet comprises of high fiber and low refined foods. Consume lots of green vegetables and fruits, legumes, sprouts, pulses regularly to keep you full. Include Soya beans, Soya products in your diet to increase the fiber as well as the nutritive value of your diet.

Regular physical work outs, brisk walking and cardio exercises help in reducing body weight and improve the functioning of the Insulin receptor cells. This is also helpful to the people who are at the high risk of developing Diabetes.

Drinking a glass of bitter melon juice every morning in empty stomach is one of the natural ways of treating Diabetes. The high percentage of hypoglycemic components in bitter melon is very effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

Juice from Indian Gooseberry or the powdered fruit is also a very effective natural way for treating Diabetes. Enriched with Vitamin C, the juice stimulates the pancreas to secrete more Insulin thereby lowering the blood glucose levels.

Chew few leaves of Holy basil, Neem and Bel every morning along with a glass of water. This is one of the natural ways for treating Diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds are widely used to treat Diabetes. You can take the powdered form of these seeds adding to a cup of water.

Drinking Grapefruit juice is also one of the effective natural ways for treating Diabetes.