Natural Ways To Gain Weight

Weight loss may be the concern of many people, however some others suffer from less weight too. The same causes that promote weight gain can also be the cause of loss of weight in some others. Stress and mal-nutrition could be some of the prominent causes of weight loss or underweight persons. Here are some natural ways one could use to help oneself to gain weight the healthy way.

One can gain weight if one takes more calories than you burn. The Daily Needs Calculator gives the daily extra calorie requirements to gain one pound as 3500. Fats contains more than twice as many calories per gram as protein and carbohydrate. So it is best to take high-fat foods like saturated oils and fats in one’s diet to efficiently add calories. It would be good to drink full cream milk or raw local dairy milk. It is best to purchase Jersey cow milk directly from small diary farms. Here the cows are grass fed only. Never buy and drink pasteurized, homogenized, commercially produced milk from confinement dairies.

Besides it is best to avoid stress which could also lead to under-eating. One should learn to take life easy and as it comes. It would help to do yoga and meditation exercises to reduce stress and promote weight gain. One can relieve stress by spending quality time with one’s family and friends. Besides it is best to undertake some fruitful and useful hobbies.

Anyone leading a life of stress should never take one’s work and home problems to the lunch or dinner table. It is best to concentrate on eating; see and feel what one eats, relish it’s taste and take time to eat well. One should take care to include foods of each type including those foods that help one to put on weight.  It is not advisable to divert one’s attention while eating to activities like watching the television. Eating fast makes one eat more and can contribute to gain of weight.

It should be remembered that muscle tissue weighs more than body fat. So it is best for one to follow a weight training program with a nutritious high-calorie diet, so that one can gain weight as lean muscle mass and not as body fat. One doing strength training exercises should make sure one ate plenty of protein, which speeds recovery and enhances lean muscle gain.

To conclude one can easily follow these natural ways to gain weight.