Natural Ways To Improve Your Hair Growth


Hair Growth

All of us dream of sporting thick and healthy hair which makes others turn their heads in envy. Because of this, we are always looking for hair products which promise to offer great looking hair or promise to stop hair fall. We end up trying different brands and using so many different shampoos and conditioners. Some of us are lucky and see results, whereas others keep looking for that one shampoo that suits their hair the best.

Hair Colouring

Most of us tend to get too many chemical treatments like coloring, perming, straightening etc to keep up with the latest trends. These cause hair damage if done frequently. Apart from this, blow drying, using a hair iron or curler also damages hair and hampers hair growth.


Of course now you are thinking; ‘so, am I supposed to look all boring everyday and not do any of these?’ Not really, what your hair needs is care. Take care to not go overboard with hair treatments, wait for at least 6 months between two treatments. When blow drying, keep the hair dryer at a 6 inch distance, apply protective serum before using the curling or straightening iron.

Make sure to us a good quality hair brush or a wide tooth comb in your hair. Use gentle strokes to avoid hair breakage.

Vitamin E

Apart from this, keep a check on your diet. For healthy hair and skin, what you eat is actually more important than what you apply topically. Try including foods enriched with vitamin E which is a vital nutrient for promoting hair growth. Eat different nuts like walnuts or peanuts. Almonds are very rich in vitamin E; you can safely eat up to 12 almonds a day. Make this a habit everyday, these can prove to be a good wholesome mid day snack.

Omega 3

Protein is also very important for hair growth. Eat a boiled egg every morning for breakfast along with a glass of milk. Include some amount of protein like lean meat or fish in each meal. Most fatty fish are rich in Omega 3 which is a ‘good fat’ and promotes overall health and will also prove beneficial to your heart. Soy products are also extremely beneficial to hair. Use extra virgin olive oil on salads.

Check with your doctor and start with a multivitamin supplement after meals.