Natural woman contraceptive methods

The process by which one or both the partners prevent chances of pregnancy is called as contraception. The advantages of natural family planning are that it has no side effects. Since a woman have a better understanding of the working of their own body, it becomes easier for natural family planning.

Natural contraceptive methods do not require the utilization of any drugs or compounds. These methods are moderately cheap and just necessitate the support of both the individuals. There are a large number of natural ways that can be used for the prevention of pregnancy.

Rthythm or Calender method: This technique necessitates the refraining from sexual contact during the time of the menstrual phase when the ovulation takes place. As very few women menstruate with accurate reliability, the rhythm way is expected to have fundamental inexactness.

In order to understand when one is supposed to ovulate, the individual has to watch for the menstrual cycle each month. The starting date should be marked on the calendar to keep the information about the next starting date and the period of ovulation. In case of an irregular period also, there are ways to find out the period of ovulation. Though successful, this is not an entirely reliable process and is not at all foolproof.

Basal body temperature (BBT) method: With the increase of the progesterone hormone level just after ovulation, nearly all women can feel the slight rise in the warmth of the body. In this contraceptive method, one has to keep track of the body temperature every morning just before getting out of the bed. Then the basal body temperature has to be recorded in the ovulation chart.

The temperature of the body plunges about ovulation. It is always vital to have sex on the day when the body temperature drops. The timings are significant as studies have revealed that most women ovulate after the rise of their body temperature. Once the woman becomes pregnant, the temperature typically remains high.

These contraceptive methods are very effective and have no side effects. Therefore, taking up natural contraceptive methods is definitely a safe choice.