Nature based impotence remedies

Though sexual activity is one of the basic instincts in humans and forms one of the important aspects of their lives, there are many, who suffers from sexual dysfunctions.Impotency is the most widespread sexual dysfunction faced by men in their lives. It is anticipated that one out of ten men experiences the same at one point of time in their lives.

Depression is one of the major causes of impotence. Devitalized condition, diabetes, renal failure, multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular diseases are some of the other causes of the impotence. However, there are a lot of impotence remedies that can be generated from nature-based extracts.

Nature based impotence remedies:

Garlic: Consumption of garlic daily is one of the best ways to treat sexual impotency. Daily intake of 2-3 cloves of raw garlic acts as one of the effective impotence remedies. The cloves should be chewed and included as a part of the regular diet.

Gingko biloba: This herb is efficiently used to treat erectile dysfunction. Gingko improves the strength and the warmth that is required during intercourse. With the consumption of Gingko, the circulation to the genitals improves that is essential for erection without increasing the blood pressure.

Carrots: One has to chop the carrots finely and consume this along with a half-boiled egg. The carrots have to be dipped in a tablespoon of honey once everyday. It helps to increase sexual stamina and is one of the effective impotence remedies.

Damiana: The shrub Damiana produces fragrant yellow flowers that are crushed and are used to treat many ailments including depression, prostrate inflammation and impotency. The leaves of damiana are crushed to make tea and one teaspoon of these leaves is required for every glass of water. It is also a good remedy for impotency.

Onion: Onion is another good vegetable for treating sexual impotence. It increases libido and strengthens sexual organs. It is one of the best treatments for impotence remedies.

Dry fruits: Dry fruits are useful in curing sexual impotency. One has to pound and mix equal quantities of dates, almonds, quince seeds and pistachios. 100 grams of this mixture help to increase the sexual power.