Natural Remedies For Neck Muscle Pain

Neck Muscle Pain

Neck muscle pain has the ability to restrict the movement and makes it difficult to accomplish the routine works of our day to day life. Our neck consists of vertebras and it is these vertebras that are mostly involved with the neck joint pain.

This pain causes stiffness in the neck causing extreme harassment to the one who is suffering from it. The neck muscle pain is widely caused from the muscle tension, muscle strain due to injuries, bursitis and degenerative arthritis on the spine in the neck, etc. However neck muscle pain has its own natural remedies and here are some of them:

Hot packs

By applying hot compress to the sore muscles, one can necessarily provide relief to the neck muscle pain. The heat can be applied on to the sore muscles of the neck with the help of hot bottle compress, warm towels or electrical heating pads that produce moisture.

Hot Compress

While applying the heat care should be taken such that the heat application compresses are wrapped by a cloth and then applied to the hurting area and should never be applied directly as it can lead to the burns on the skin. The application of hot packs should be limited to a period of about 20 minutes else it can prove to be damaging for the skin.

Cold compression

In case of swelling on the neck muscle areas, cold compression packs help a lot in the limiting of the swelling as it leads to vasoconstriction. The application of cold packs on the sore area of the neck can help in the reduction of pain particularly that is caused due to shock or distress.

Cold Compress

The cold compression can be given with the help of ice that are placed in the plastic bags or with the help of simple frozen vegetables which needs to the placed in a bag before applying it on the sore neck muscle areas. The cold compress should be restricted to fifteen minutes else it can also prove to be detrimental if used for a lengthy period of time.

Besides hot packs and cold compresses, ancient therapies of muscle activation such as acupuncture and reflexology can also provide substantial relief to the neck muscle pain.