9 Easy Steps To Remove Your Pimple Scar Naturally


Pimple Scar

A pimple is a very common problem especially when one is crossing his/her teenage and youth stage. The pimple and acne problem enhances in this age and gradually decreases as we grow old. But what remains is its scar marks. Pimple is not at all a fatal disease but what is embarrassing is its ugly scar marks. If you do not take the timely care of your pimples, the scar marks, being permanent can make a beautiful face ugly. This article will help in getting rid of and prevent pimples from occurring and make you know the method to erase pimples.

Right Type of Diet

Right Type of Diet

It is told that prevention is better than cure. It is better to take necessary steps to prevent pimples than to erase its scar. To prevent pimples you have to follow a specialized diet and a good hygiene. Pimples occur when our skin becomes excessively oily. Oil clogs the pores of the skin and when bacterial infection happens in that place, the pimples occur. If you eat oily food your skin will become oilier.

Drink lots of water to keep your skin clean from inner side. Water helps to flush out toxin from the body. Supply enough fluid to your body. Stay away from junk food which is spicy and oily. Avoid drinking coffee and fizzy drinks because it makes your body hot and enhances the problem of acne. Instead of that eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are easy to digest and keep your body cool.

Supplying minerals and vegetables fruits and vegetables keep your skin healthy and pimple free. Another thing that you have to do is to maintain a good hygiene to prevent pimples. Do not let oil accumulate on your skin. Wash several times in summer to keep your skin clean. Use face wash to clear the oil at least twice daily. Do not squeeze your pimples because squeezing leaves scar marks which are very tough to remove. To erase scar that is already there, follow some treatments.

Green coconut

Green coconut

Green coconut water is excellent thing to remove scar. Store some green coconut water in a glass container in refrigerator. Dab clean cotton in it and apply it on your skin for twice or thrice daily. You can do another thing. Make ice cube of green coconut water and apply it on your face again and again. This not only helps to remove scar marks in a few days, it also gives a cooling and soothing feeling in summer.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel is very effective for pimples. It prevents pimples and also helps to remove scar marks. Slit an aloe vera tube and remove its jell. Mash it and make a smooth paste. Keep that in refrigerator for cooling it down. After that apply that paste on your skin. Regular use of the aloe Vera jell helps to make your skin smooth and blemish free. You can also add sandalwood paste with aloe Vera jell to get the better result.

Oat, milk and Lemon


Oat is a good thing to make your skin smooth and soft. Soak some oat in little amount of milk. Squeeze one lemon in it. Oat being a good scrubber removes dead skin from the outer level of the skin and makes it smooth. To some extent it also removes some spot. Milk also being a good cleanser removes scar to some extent. But lemon being acidic removes scar marks very effectively within few days. So, this pack is effective to remove scar marks and to get an over all blemish free skin.

Black Basil and Turmeric

Black Basil

Black basil is very good for acne and pimples. Take some fresh leaves of black basil. Wash them well and crush them. After that take a piece of fresh turmeric and make a smooth paste. Mix both of them well. Apply the paste on scar marks. Leave them till dry and then wash. Regular use of this paste removes scar marks as well as control pimples. Instead of basil you can also use neem leaves.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Mix lemon juice and apply it on your face especially where the scar marks are strong. It instantly removes sun burn. Regular use of milk and lemon juice can remove very old scar marks made by pimples. You can also use the mixture of honey and lemon juice for this purpose. Mixture of lemon juice and mint juice is an excellent astringent in summer especially for oily skin. Grate cucumber and extract the juice. Mix lemon juice in it. Preserve it in the refrigerator and use twice or thrice daily. This mixture is effective to control acne and acne scar. You can use it on very sensitive skin also.



Yogurt is also effective element to remove scar marks and to make your skin fairer. You can apply yogurt at regular basis. Take a table spoon of lentil powder and mix it with yogurt. Apply the paste on your skin. Make it dry before wash. Daily use of Yogurt and lentil powder combination makes your skin blemish free removing the scar. Grind some clove and mix it with yogurt. Apply this on the scar and keep it for 30 minutes. After that wash your skin with plain water. This pack helps to dries up the pimples and leaves no scar. Apart from that grated potato, mashed ripe papaya, grated beet, etc. are excellent to remove pimples and scar.



Your toothpaste is excellent to control acne killing the acne creating bacteria. Take a small amount of paste and apply it on your skin before going to bed at night. Next morning you will find that your pimples have dried out leaving no scar.

Rosewater and Fuller’s Earth


Mix rose water and fuller’s earth properly and make a smooth paste. Apply that paste on clean paste. Leave it for 30 minutes till they get dry. Then sprinkle some water on your face and rub in roundabout way to remove the pack. Then wash your face with cold water. Then rub an ice cube on your skin to make it smooth. Use the pack every alternate day to get a smooth and spotless skin.

Do not get depressed with your spots. Just follow these tips religiously and get a spotless beautiful skin very quickly.