Nine Effective Natural Cures For Hives


Hives Followed by irritable skin lesions which itch considerably, Urticaria or hives present an uncomfortable situation to the patients. Allergic reactions pertaining to swollen boils need to be discontinued and there are many natural therapies which can be resorted to in order to get relief from these grave skin conditions.

These therapies are best suited as the skin needs to be taken care of and side effects need not be associated with the same. The most noted therapies of natural form include:

Nine Best Natural Cures For Hives

Using Cornstarch And Baking Soda

Adding sufficient amount of cornstarch and some baking soda to the bathing solution helps ease out the effects considerably. Half cup of each, if made a solution with and used while taking the shower provides great relief from hives and related causes associated. Going to the shower twice and using these elements can help pacify the situation to greater extents.


Applying basil leaf extracts on the skin surface can help dampen the spirits of those itchy lesions. These leaves contain caffeic acid which being an effective anti allergen soothes the discomfort associated with these related boils.

basil leaves

The application procedure remains simple by squashing these leaves in Luke warm water and applying over the surface of the body to enhance comfort.

Enriched Diet

Having a balanced diet can go a long way in addressing issues related to hives. Great food practices are required to be maintained in order to stimulate the immune system for combating hives effectively. Vitamin C rich sources need to be incorporated as food supplements including oranges, lemons, raspberries etc.

Other noted supplements include cheese and kinds of specialized yogurts.  Patches associated with hives can be avoided by including zinc in the basic food chain. Supplementation with vitamin E must also be induced in order to strengthen the overall immunity.

Turning To Turmeric

With its age old known benefits, turmeric gives the patients a natural scope to treat hives effectively. This herb can be used depending upon the nature of the hives and lesions.


Tropical form of treatment comprises of applying turmeric over the skin surface to soothe the associated areas. This can also be used by mixing it with warm milk to treat ailments internally. If added with lemon juice, this can have startling results associated.

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The Aloe Vera Magic

This herbal strain has some noted benefits attached. They have a soothing influence on the skin and reduce the scourge of swelling and burning considerably within a short span of time. With no side effects, this remains the most sought after natural cure for treating hives.

Using Peanut Oil

Known for its therapeutic benefit, this form of oil can be applied to minimize the effects associated with hives.

Cold Compress Solutions

These include the effects related to applying compression pertaining to colder and wetter natural variants. Alongside providing a soothing sensation, this technique reduces the inflammation to a considerable extent.

Cold Compress

Natural solutions include the use of calamine, a daily used entity, to provide momentary relief from these painful lesions.

Using Milk Of Magnesia

Based on its alkalescency, this natural solution, if applied on the respective areas can help provide relief by removing the itchy effects associated with the same.

Using Nettles Effectively

Making tea out of nettles by using hot water as the medium can be quite useful. This tea added with honey can have magical effects on the lesions by reducing the discomfort associated.