5 Herbal Remedies For Nose Inflammation

5 Herbal Remedies For Nose Inflammation

Rhinitis, also known as nose inflammation is the enlargement or the bulging of the nose that is typified by breathing difficulty, nasal clogging as well as watery discharge from the nose. Sinus problems are also one of the leading causes of nasal infection and inflammation.

Through the surveillance of the symptoms and by getting analyzed by a physician, one can easily become aware of nose inflammation. Herbs go a long way in providing relief to these inflammations of the nose. These herbal remedies help in the strengthening of the immune system of the body so that they can effectively counterbalance the infection and help of to feel better and energetic.

Nose inflammation treatment with natural herbal remedies:


Eucalyptus For Nose Inflammation

Eucalyptus is a helpful natural cure for nasal inflammation. This herb has been widely accepted for its revitalizing scent. Eucalyptol, the essential volatile oil if used helps in the triggering of nasal receptors which in turn leads to increase in mucus drainage.


Echinacea herb helps in the boosting of immune and should be consumed for about one month with suitable breaks. This herb is found both in the form of tea as well as in the form of a capsule. Daily intake of 6 cups of Echinacea tea helps to kill sinus infection as well as nasal inflammation.

Echinacea For Nose Inflammation


Licorice helps in the breaking up of mucus that is present in the nose as well as in the lungs thereby making it easier for the affected individual to breathe in easily. This can be done with the intake of licorice tea that is made up of the roots of licorice herb.

Licorice For Nose Inflammation

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is extremely helpful for rhinitis and is helpful in fighting off bacteria and infections. Drinking of warm lemon balm tea twice a day helps in the effective cure of nasal infection and inflammation.

Lemon Balm For Nose Inflammation


This herb is used for the relieving of inflammation of nose, congestion and cold that is caused as a result of the familiar cold, cough and allergies. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint can also be made use of by steeping it in boiling waters and then breathing in the vapors. This procedure helps in easing of breathing as well as in reducing inflammation.

Peppermint For Nose Inflammation

Herbal Remedies For Nose Inflammation