Nourish your Hair with these Tips

Your hair is your crowning glory. Some cultures adore women with long tresses. Men are also naturally attracted to women with shiny long or curly locks. Maintaining your hair is not a difficult task. By spending a few minutes on your hair routine daily you will be able to improve the texture of your hair.

nourish hair

Most of the products available contain high amounts of chemicals in them and hence it is important for you to use natural products on your hair. You will be surprised to know that you won’t even have to step out of the house to buy any new products; most of the products that you need are already standing in your kitchen cabinets.

Tips To Nourish Your Hair

Don’t waste money on expensive shampoos to wash your hair. Most of these products contain chemicals that harm your skin. Instead use apple cider vinegar on your hair. It will clean the scalps and the entire length of your hair and condition it at the same time.

You can massage your hair apple cider vinegar and leave it on your hair all night. Wash your hair in the morning with warm water. This will make your hair soft and well conditioned.

apple cider vinegar

Rosemary oil is the perfect remedy for hair loss. Dilute the oil with coconut oil and then massage it on your scalp and leave it for a few hours. You an also leave this overnight on your hair. The oil will nourish your scalp and will prevent hair fall within a few days. Continue this treatment till you are completely free from hair fall.

If dandruff is an issue that is troubling you then you need to use Rosemary oil in combination with sage and tea tree oil. Massage the oils gently on your skin and then use a hot towel on your head to open the pores on your scalp. The steam will soften the flakes and eliminate them when you wash your hair.


As a general rule you must avoid washing your hair daily. This reduces the natural oils from the scalp and leads to dandruff forming on your scalp. Wash your hair daily only if your scalp is very oily or after a workout to eliminate the sweat from your hair and scalp. Do not use a hair dryer on your hair too often as it dries the scalp and it is the leading cause of dandruff formation.

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